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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I bring Home

Continue from my previous post, here are some goodies that I brought back all the way from Medan (my hometown)...If possible, I would like to bring more things back home from Medan.

Now, let's the pictures do the work....

C & F swissroll..yummy
It is a MUST food to bring back to Sibu because I love eating these swissroll. Actually I brought home 4 boxes,left 1 box in the fridge now.

This is "Kue Bawang" that I mentioned on my previous post, it taste spicy and will be one of the snack for coming CNY.

Not to forget, Ryan also received small present from his uncle (Thomas & Friends train set) and from grandma (3 Hot wheels cars).

I also bought 4 wall stickers + 2 mini wall racks from INFORMA.
Lastnight, my hubby managed to complete a set of wall sticker for the living room area...how does it look? Nice?..

Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to Sibu

I was back to Medan for about 3 weeks.I really enjoy my holiday in Medan.
Eating is the best thing to do in Medan. For sure, I do put on weight everytime I went back to Medan. I could have more than 3 meals in a day....I was keep eating n eating during my 3 weeks holiday in Medan.Don't ask about my weight,but for sure I do put on weight for at least 1kgs ****

We took morning flight from Medan at 8am and arrived at KL around 10.30am. Our connection flight to Sibu is 2.10pm and we arrived in Sibu around 4.30pm. It was quite tiring sitting and waiting in the airport.
Lucky my kind MIL helped me clean out my house and cooked for us a simple dinner.After having our dinner at MIL's place, we went back home and I started to unpack all my stuffs brought back from Medan till almost midnight.
Since CNY is coming soon, I did brought yummy Kue Bawang" from Medan. It will be one of the snack for my guests on this coming CNY.If you wanna try "Kue Bawang"...dropby my house on CNY next month,ok?.....I waiting for you guys...

I also bought curry,rendang and gulai ayam paste, C&F swissroll all the way from Medan. As for my husband, he brought 2 mini racks to display his Coke Cans from ACE HARDWARE (One of the biggest furniture & hardware store in Indonesia.
And for Ryan, he received a set of Thomas & Friends playset from my brother.

The 3 of us really enjoyed out holiday alot and Ryan kept telling me...he want to study in Medan. Of course, I do wish to stay back in Medan,but it is impossible:(

Missing Medan and my family alot.....hope to go back Medan again SooN *-*

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nivea Photo Contest

I need my dearest blogger friends to do me a favour, for those who are having a Facebook Account, please spare a minute of your time to give me a vote for the Nivea Photo Contest through your FB account.

How to vote, very easy steps ....

1. click like on this link

2. After accepting the applications, go to "Vote NOW" and click this link

Look for my name : Merywaty sia, then VOTE for me.

This contest ends on 7 Dec 2011.Hurry up......give me a vote now.

Thanks in advance.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Game & New Toy

Lately Ryan is getting addicted playing PS game. The PS player is belong to hubby,but since Ryan has grown up, he is allowed to play once a while.Now is school holiday and sometimes, he will keep begging to let him play longer.
Ryan likes to play those "racing car" game...I guess, that is boy's favo game.Now, he can control the car better on the racing track.Sometimes, he will ask either me or his daddy to play with him.

Last few days while doing our shopping at GIANT,hubby wanted to buy Ryan a super big lorry,but Ryan seem not interested on it. Instead he chose for a set of Mini Ultraman.

He is a fan of Ultraman.....from Max, Nexus,Mebius,Tiga,Cosmos,etc....
Hubby even downloaded some Ultraman movie for Ryan to watch on weekend.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our simple lunch : Noodle Soup

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to cook something simple for our lunch. Since only left me and Ryan at home, I decided to cook "noodle soup" (our favo dish) for today lunch.
See what I have in the fridge : carrot, vege + sausages.These are the 3 ingredients I used for the noodle soup. Ryan does not like to eat fishball,so I hardly have any fishball in my fridge,but for sausages...Yes, I always standby at least a pack.
To add more aromatic to the soup, I added in some fried ikan bilis with sliced ginger + minced garlic.

Noodle soup is ready to be served.

While cooking halfway, Ryan kept asking me...is my noodle ready?...is my noodle ready? He is just too hungry and can't wait for his lunch.

Ryan was enjoying his Noodle soup...slurpppppp...

For your info, Ryan was having slight fever out of sudden two days ago,so his appetite was a bit down.
Today Ryan is doing good,of course, after taking "fever + antibiotic". Nowadays I always standby a bottle of antibiotic medicine at home for Ryan.At least, I do not need to rush him down to the paed when tonsilitis + fever is attacking him. Ryan is prone to tonsilitis, be it, I have control his food intake,but on and off, tonsilitis will come to visit him too. I planned to bring him to ENT for a check-up next year.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Giveaway : 12 Chateau Blanc Macarons

While doing the blog-hopping this afternoon, I spotted an interesting blog named Inspired Momx1.
The blog owner is having a giveaway contest of a box of 12 Chateau Blanc Macarons.
Sound great,right? The top commenter will win this prize.

So how to join this contest :
1. Follow her blog (only if you wish) by clicking "Follow" on her blog's top right sidebar.

2. Leave as many comments as you wish in her "Skin Food 12 Days Challenge" postings (click on the links right below her blog's header and it shall take you there). There'll be 12 postings in total as she is to keep a daily online journal to jot down my reviews and thoughts.

3. You are allowed to leave multiple comments on each of the postings, preferably something relevant to the postings.

4. Spread the words about this giveaway in your blog automatically entitles you to an additional 10 comments. Just leave a comment with your blog links in her comment box when you are done.

5. The contest starts NOW and ends on 23.11.11

It is so easy to join this giveaway contest...so spend some time reading her post on "Skin Food 12 days challenge" and you may have chance to win the prize. Good Luck !!

Sponge Cake

Today is my second attempt making sponge cake. I always wanted to bake a cake,but no oven at home. So my lovely hubby redeemed his credit card points with ELBA electric oven for me to do my baking project. I received the oven less than a week time.
Since Ryan is having his long school holiday, I have more free time at home to do my baking project. I started look for simple cake recipe to try out.

While doing my grocery shopping last week, I spotted "sponge cake mix" at the supermarket rack. Looks easy and simple to make, grabbed one pack and tried it out last week. The sponge cake taste great and spongy. Definitely a good try !!
Since I have a Giant blackcurrent jam in the fridge, I cut half the sponge cake and applied the jam in between,it taste good. Three of us walloped the whole cake in a day.

While writing this post, I am baking the 2nd sponge cake. I need to bake 3x to finish up the batter.

Baking in process....

The sponge cake is ready......hot from the oven.

Here is the "sponge cake" recipe for sharing:

500g sponge mix/optima
500g eggs
120g water/milk (I used water)
120g oil/butter/margarine (I used butter-melted)

1. Melted the butter and leave it to cool.
2. Mix the sponge mix with egg,beat with slow speed for 1 min. Change to high speed whip till the mixture is fluffy, slowly add in the milk/water and beat for another 4 mins.
3. Fold in the melted butter slowly with slow speed to complete the mixing.
4. Preheat the oven for about 10 mins.
5. Bake with medium heat for 45 mins.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Year End exam's result

Yesterday was Ryan's last day at school and he received his final year report book.
I was so happy that Ryan got 1st rank in his class. Feel proud of him...I knew he is doing his best in the final year exam.
The top 3 in his class received a pressie from school and also some titbits.
Apart from it, Ryan also received his very first trophy from Dancing Competition that he joined about a month ago.

*No smile face on both pics......not in a good mood to snap pics*

The good news.....Yes, we are going back to Medan soon...another 2 more weeks to go. We are looking forward to it.Ryan is getting excited to see grandma,grandpa,aunt,uncle and his cousins all in Medan. Of course, we miss the food there too. Gonna write down a list of food we want to eat while holidaying in Medan.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

K2 Graduation Ceremony

Tonight, Ryan and his friends are chosen to perform a dance for K2 Graduation Ceremony. Last Friday, Ryan has went for the rehearsal and I was there to watch the whole rehearsal....Nice performance by all the K2 students.
The ceremony will start at 6pm and I was told by the teacher to sent Ryan there at 6pm later. I can't wait to see Ryan and his friends dance on stage again. It was the third performance on stage for Ryan.
Happy Sunday !!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Exam Result

Yesterday Ryan got his exam results and I am quite happy with his effort. He has done pretty well for this final year exam. He obtained full mark for Maths,English,Mandarin,Bahasa Melayu except for Moral subject he got 99.
For this 2 weeks, Ryan still need to go to school and school holiday will resume on 18 Nov 2011 till next year Jan 2012. Of course, there will be an orientation on 27 Dec 2011.
This coming Sunday, Ryan and his friends will have a dance performance for K2 graduation ceremony.So for this week basically do nothing at school except the rehearsal for this Sunday performance.
Stay tuned for my next post..

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Outing

Today is Sunday and we don't have much programme to spend our family day. As usual, wake up around 7+am,then prepare simple breakfast for 3 of us. We have chicken charsiew pau for breakfast.
Lately my immune system is weak and easily get flu. Lucky I have the right medicine Clarinase to cure my illness.
As for lunch, I make a quick simple lunch ( noodle soup ) and we walloped everything clean. Even Ryan can eat 1 big bowl of noodle soup. Of course, I added some sausages,vegetables balls,etc (bought from Giant). After that, I have a nap for awhile and lucky as of now, it seems my flu is getting better. No more sneeze and runny nose.
Tonight, we will have a birthday party to attend. It is my husband's uncle birthday. For Foochow tradition, when a man reached 69 years old, he will be celebrating his birthday grandly (hope I get this info right)...correct me if I am wrong.

Another good news to share....Ryan just have another little "uncle" born last Friday.Although Ryan is older than the baby,but Ryan has to call him "Uncle".

So how do you enjoy your Sunday?.....

Ryan @ 4 years 9 mths

Another 3 more months Ryan will reach 5 years old. He is getting more independent and asking more Question (why ..why...why), I guessed it happened to all kids at his stage of age.Sometimes, I really don't know how to asnwer to his questions.
As for school, Ryan will be in K1 next year. At this moment, Ryan has finished his final year exam and now is waiting for his exam result. Hope Ryan can pass with flying color.
The happiest news is WE are going back to Medan next month (Yes...another 30 more days we will be in Medan for 3 weeks). I can't wait for that day as I miss my family & food alot. Yeah **** Medan, we are coming soon....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

So happy....received Maggi Hamper

After been waiting for more than 3 months, at last I received the Maggi Hamper worth Rm100 today. This has been the fourth time I joined Maggi Gawai contest.It was held every year (only for Sarawak area). Although it is just a small prize (consolation),but I feel happy with it. I can save my $$$ since most of the time my family are consuming Maggi products.
For those my friends who are consuming Maggi products, do keep the packaging/label for this GAWAI contest. If you don't mind,help me collect those label/packagings for the next year Gawai contest.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prize & gift

After been waiting for 3 months,at last I received the Johnson & Johnson prize. I used my hubby's name to join this contest as they need a Msian IC. Get the votes everyday and at last I won the prize. Feel happy with my effort....although not a big prize,but it is worhty for my hardworks as both me and Ryan love using J & J product. The gift set comes with Top-Toe wash, baby lotion, baby oil,skincare wipes,baby powder & diaper rash cream.

Few days ago, I rec'd a parcel from SCA..I was wondering what is that....It is a gift from SCA. I was lucky to be among 1000 members to sign up to Drypers Happy Family club.
So what I received from SCA : Drypers baby wipes and drypers baby head to toe. Both products are yet been launched in the market.
If you wanna join the Drypers Happy Family club....give a call to 1800 889988 for. more details

Friday, October 28, 2011

Looks good

Thanks for all the kind concern from Mummy's bloggers..Ryan is doing well now. I would say that he is recovering well ,however, still under medication as the doctor advised me to let Ryan finish up all the medicines.
The only problem I encounter now is to stop Ryan having biscuit at school. I have reminded him not to eat biscuit anymore since I always prepared tea snack for him everyday,but to my dissapointed, he still took some biscuits of from the biscuit box at school. My very concern is Ryan gets heaty easily and biscuit is not the right snack for him.
Yesterday I was very angry with Ryan as I got to know he ate biscuit again at school. As for the punishment, I did not let him watch his favo "ultraman" show for a week.
Am I too fierce to Ryan?....I guess, No.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Skin Allergy

This morning, while preparing Ryan for school, I noticed his leg has some red patches and when I took off his clothes, his body did have some too...Oh, what happen to him? Then I recalled he told me that his leg was bitten by mosquito,swollen big.....actually not mosquito bites,but it was the red patches. At last, I decided to let Ryan rest at home.
At first, I thought is "Hong Mok" (in hokkien ~ sorry, I did not know how to call in English or Mandarin). So I quickly warm up some white wine and applied on red patches and hope they will went off in few hours later. But it did not happened. Till his nap time, the red patches still there and around 4pm, Ryan woke up from his nap and his face started to get red too.
Tonight, we have a quick dinner and I quickly brought Ryan to Dr.Law, Unfortunately, it was closed and will only open on this Friday. Hubby drove to another child specialist centre and lucky Dr.Herman was in. It was also Ryan's first visit to this doc. After waiting for half an hour,we met the doct and Ryan 's throat bit red and have skin allergy. Got 4 medicine back home and paid Rm62.
Really hope Ryan will recover soon as he will be having his final year exam next Tuesday....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I did mentioned in my previous's post that Ryan was having trial exam last week and yesterday the teacher have given back all the exam paper. I was quite suprised that Ryan scored good for this exam. He managed to obtain full marks for 4 subjects(BC, BI, BM and Maths) except Moral he scored 97.Not bad :)
Overall, I feel happy with his exam result and hope Ryan can maintain the same result for his coming final exam in the next 2 weeks(very soon....)
I do not give pressure to Ryan,but everyday I will give him some practices to do just to make him remember the vocabs.
Ryan, keep up your good work!!.....a new bicycle is on the way if he manage to get 1st place in his class(MIL promised to buy Ryan a new bicycle).

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mini Zoo

This morning, Ryan was having an outing with his teacher and friends. They were going to Mini Zoo at Sibu.( I myself not sure where is the exact location of the zoo). I was informed by the teacher to reach the school at 7.30am. This morning, hubby woke Ryan up earlier than usual as I wanted him to have his light breakfast before going off to the zoo.
Ryan was getting excited about this zoo trip and he could not wait to reach school very soon. I left Ryan with his teacher and came back to fetch him at 10am.
While I driving back home, I asked Ryan about his zoo's trip. He told me ,it was quite hot and I can see his shoes and leg were dirty(muddy).
I also asked him what animal he saw in the zoo....Nothing much to see at the zoo except duck,chicken,dog,owl,parrot,goat ( as per what Ryan said). Maybe I should asked the teacher whether she got snapped any picture during the trip.
However, I can see that Ryan was quite happy to join this trip.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little update on Ryan

TOday, Ryan is starting to have trial exam for 3 days till this Friday. There are 5 subjects to be tested and hope Ryan can score good marks for this time.
The best moment he is waiting for is this Saturday his school is organising tour to mini zoo @Sibu. Frankly speaking, I do not know the place (even my hubby also don't know where is that zoo).
At first, I was hesitate to let Ryan go,but since he likes to see animals,....so I allow him to join the tour. It is only for 2 hours started from 8-10am.

Ryan will be having his final year exam on 1-3 Nov 2011...very soon and I am getting nervous on that Big Day....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Saturday Outing

Tonight, Ryan is having an outing with his schoolmates & teacher at Sugar Bun to celebrate the winning from dancing competition that he joined last Saturday. Parents are not allowed to join the outing.
At first, I was hesitate to let Ryan join as he can't eat those fast food (french fries,fried chicken,etc)as his body gets heaty easily.My hubby suggested to let Ryan join the outing & let him have fun with his friends there as there is a playground at SugarBun.
After consideration, at last, I agreed to let Ryan join & we sent him to SugarBun around 6.30pm(we are definitely late & everyone started having their dinner-french fries, burger,fried chicken,soft drink). Ryan only have the burger bun (without the meat - as Ryan dislike eating meat),bit of french fries & small cup of soft drink.I left him with the teacher & friends and I was told to pick Ryan home at 8pm.
Then me & hubby sneaked to MacDonalds for our dinner as we have RM20 McD voucher in hand which are expiring in this coming Dec.Both of us are having Pounder Beef meal(taste yummy). Since I am having cough & flu, I did not eat too much french fries & soft drink.I would say, today is my first time having beef burger in my whole life,it definitely taste great with lots of ketchup.
Although just a short & rush dinner, we all enjoying alot.
After fetching Ryan from SugarBun, we went to GIANT hypermart for a walk & hubby spotted a new design of coke can, they have 4 different designs & he quickly grabbed 4 cans in hand.

That's how we spent our Saturday Night......Have a good rest!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I noticed that my immune system is getting weaker and weaker. Lately, I always kena flu bug. A little dust or bad smell will make me get flu.
Lucky, I found the right medicine to cure my flu : Clarinese.
Everytime when the flu is bugging me, I will pop in Clarinese & have a good rest for a day.
Hope I will get well soon !!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes......I 'm back again....:)

I have been missing in action for the past few months since I moved in to my new house. I would say, since moving to my new house, I am quite busy ... have to send & fetch Ryan to school, doing housechores,etc.
Apart from it, I am using broadband for the time being as there is no phoneline at my housing area,really hope TM will put up phoneline so that I can use Streamyx line again.
I felt inconvenience using broadband service as sometimes the line is quite lagged.
I do hope I can update my blog more from today onwards.

Before I pen-off, let's me jot down what I am busy about last Saturday. Ryan was having his first dancing competition at Rejang Park Kindergarten. Ryan was getting excited for that Big Day.Both me & my husband were getting excited to see Ryan's performance on stage with his classmates.
The programme was started at 6.30pm & Ryan has to be there earlier to get ready for the competition. We went there at 5pm, I left Ryan to the teacher and both me & hubby came back around 6pm.The hall was full house & we can only get the seat at the latest row. It ended around 9pm and everyone is getting tired. Ryan's class was getting "most creative" prize for the competition.
It was definitely a great experience for Ryan having a chance to perform on stage.

"Happy Monday"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Needak Rebounder

Have you ever heard about NeeDak Rebounder ? Yesterday I saw one of my friend was posting Needak Rebounder picture in his blog and I am curious about this product.
After searching online, I came across this website called "home of Needak Rebounder".The Needak Rebounder is the number one selling rebounder in the world and the Needak soft bounce rebounder is needaks most popular model. This rebounder is made 100% in the USA and is practically indestructible. They come with two different colour either black or blue and you can choose for non-folding or folding type. Of course, if your house has space to place the rebounder set up, then non-folding model is the best choice.

The best part is this company provide free shipping and it comes with a bonus pack when you purchase the "rebounder set" now. Hurry up ....place your order while stocks last !!
The bonus pack come with :
* Free Immune System DVD
* Free Jump For Health Book
* Free Carrying Bag (folding rebounder only)
* Article: "Total Health" by Dr. Morton Walker

Lastly, Needak Rebounder come with lifetime warranty on the frame, hinges, platform pins and leg tubes. As for the mat cleats , it has 5 years warrantee and for the springs and safety spring cover, it has 2 years warrantee.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sore Throat - little updates

As off today, my throat slightly gets better,at least, I don't feel so pain when I swallowed food.
Last night, my hubby got me coke with salt, 100 plus with salt, adem sari and my kind MIL gave me herbal tea. I drank all within a night and the magic works for me. This morning, the pain is getting lesser.
I knew,that is not the end yet and I still need to drink plenty of water and continue with my home remedy. So tonight, my hubby got me a cup of coke with salt.
Frankly speaking, I hardly had fried food and junk food,i guess is the curry fish that I cooked last week make me get this terrible sore throat.No one to blame...I have to blame myself for not drinking enough water for the past few days. It is a lesson for me and more second time as the pain is terrible.

Just to add, I was super busy this whole week as I am moving to my new house(@Sun Garden) on 23 July 2011. Followed the Foochow's tradition, it meant on 23 July early morning( after 12 midnite tomorrow ), 3 of us ( hubby, Ryan & I ) will be staying in our new house for the very first time. And Ryan will have to skip his replacement class on Saturday.
As there is no phone line yet in my new house housing area, I might consider to get a broadband service temporary. I can't imagine my life without an internet.....oh gosh, don't think I can take it.

Stay tuned for next posts...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sore Throat

Two days ago, I did feel uncomfortable with my throat,but I don't really go and bother it. Just drink more water and BINGO .... in the midnight, I did felt extremely pain at my throat,especially when I drank water and swallowed saliva..it was pain.
So the next morning, I quickly have a cup of salt water followed by AdemSari (it is a kind powder for constipation,sore throat & heatiness - bought from Medan). I bought quite lot of packets of Adem Sari back to Sibu and everyday I am having 3 packs of Adem Sari after my meal.
Till now, my throat still feel pain and I can't eat and drink well.Even with porridge, I still feel the pain when I swallowed the porridge.In my whole life, I never got such a terrible sore throat.
Tonight, I tried to drink 100+ and Coke with salt ,hope it did helps to cure the pain.
And my kind MIL make me a cup of herbal tea after dinner.

Anyone mind to share home remedy for sore throat...do share with me here. Thanks !!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My saturday

Today, Ryan has a replacement class from 8-11am. Of course, when he knew that he has a class today, he feel unhappy because all the while every Saturday is his off-day. However, he did not make a fuss when I woke him up this morning.
However, I did feel that his forehead is slightly warmer than usual,but we are in rush & I did not manage to measure his body temperature.
His daddy fetched him back from school (for the very first time) and when I met Ryan, I quickly touched his forehead and Bingo...he has a fever. His forehead felt warm.
This afternoon , Ryan has no appetite to eat because his body felt warm. Quickly cleaned up his body and fed him fever medicine and within an hour,his fever has subsided. Then he complained "hungry".Let him have a slice of bread with cheese and tomato sauce and then has his nap. Till now, Ryan is still having his nap while I am updating this post.

Hope his fever won't come back again as tomorrow and next week onwards will be a busy day for me and his daddy as we are moving to our new house next Saturday.
Get well soon, Ryan!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hair styles

Last weekend, I brought Ryan to salon for a haircut. That was the very first time he went to salon for his haircut.All the while, I brought Ryan to a barbershop to get his hair cut.
Before the hairstylist started to cut Ryan's hair, I discussed with him any new kids hairstyles to recommend. After chatted for awhile,the hairstylist started to cut Ryan's hair and I like Ryan's new hair style (sorry no picture to show,forget to snap the picture).

As for me, I also got my haircut at the sametime and I chose for medium hairstyles. It did help to create a voluminous look to my hair.
I did thought of changing my hairstyle and yet to decide whether I should go for "medium bob hairstyle" for my next visit.Should I? Will it suit my face?...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Break

Sorry for neglecting my blog lately and I hardly do blog hopping too. I was too busy doing packing and arranging for house moving.
Yes...at last my new house is ready and we will be moving in next Saturday 23 July 2011.
Be it, our things are not that many,but it is pretty tiring too to do the packing.

I may not be able to online after moving to my new house as there is no phone line at that area. Of course, I do plan to get a broadband service temporary. I can't imagine my life without an internet......Can I take it? Don't think so...

Stay tune for my next posts....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes...he did it.

I was so proud of Ryan...this morning when I sent him off to school, he wanted to carry his school bag and water bottle on his own,did not want any help from mummy.
But I still walked him up till the stairs and waved goodbye to me. Of course, I stood there for awhile to make sure he walked into his classroom before I left.
I believe Ryan is getting more independent now and feel happy for his achievement.
Well done, Ryan !! Hope it will continues .....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Conversation

I better jotted down Ryan's conversation with me today,to me,it is a suprise..!!
This afternoon Ryan woke up from his nap earlier than usual around 4.10pm, after his milk, he watched Tom & Jerry for awhile,then we went out together.
While I was driving, this is how the conversation go :
Ryan : Mummy, tomorrow I want to go school earlier.
Mummy : Oh....why? You always reach school on time.
Ryan : Teacher saids tomorrow must come earlier,can't come late to school.
Mummy : Ok,then tonight you have to sleep earlier,so tomorrow you can wake up earlier too.
Ryan : Ok Ok..and tomorrow mummy no need to send to up to my classroom. Just send me till the stairs and I will wake up by myself.
Mummy : *I was quiet for awhile* ....Ryan never said like this to me and it was the very first time.(such a suprise for me)..then I replied "ok". You really can do it yourself?
Ryan : Yes...I can,don't worry.

And tonight Ryan goes to sleep earlier than usual and he behaves very well.
I feel so happy that Ryan seem enjoy his school life. A good sign !!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A good Saturday

Today is an off-day for Ryan...no school and we just enjoy our free time at home. This morning, when he woke up, his daddy already off to work and he is looking for his daddy to make susu for him....lucky after some bujuk-bujuk, I managed to calm him down and he agreed to drink his milk (of course, I am the one who make the susu for him).
As normal, we will have our simple breakfast and I make home-made Kampua Mee for both of us, with two cup of barley+greenbean soup.
And tonight we are going to have a family gathering dinner at my hubby's uncle house to celebrate my hubby's grandma birthday (92 years old). Ryan is so happy when I told him there will be a big birthday cake and great dinner for tonight.Hope I will have a chance to snap some pictures for memories....

At here, I wanna wish "Grandma, happy birthday to you"..

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wish & Win - from Coca Cola MY

Can you spot Ryan in that picture? .....

Last night, I was so happy...did i strike 4d? I wish too..but no,still no luck in 4d.
While browsing through Facebook, I caught my FB's friend was tagging my name on her status...But I still did not confirm whether I really won it until I really go to the website and check it out.
Yes...I won a limited edition set of 6 coca-cola can glasses. I came across this contest from one of my FB's friend. He knew that I missed out one of the coke glass from MacDonalds (green colour) and he recommended me to join this contest. No harm to try my luck.Unfortunately for the past two weeks, I have no luck to win,but I am telling myself,never give up.
And on the 3rd week...I saw Ryan's picture was posted on the website.So happy I am....and of course, my hubby was quite happy too as he is a Coca-Cola collector.

Can't wait to receive this prize..!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Little updates about school

It has been about two weeks since school started and Ryan really need time to get used to school life again. After having that two weeks school holiday + 1 week sick holiday, Ryan was enjoying too much at home with mummy & daddy . That is why every morning, he will cry awhile at school when I sent him off. My heart was pain to leave him there,but I have to be firm and can't pamper him too much. It is time for him to be independent at school.....I always checked with his form teacher and the comment I got is : Ryan will cry for awhile when I left,after that he will back to his normal routine.
I really all this drama will over soon....no more crying and having happy mood going to school.
But one thing I found pretty strange.....Ryan told me not to fetch him up from school on time,he asked me to come bit late because he wanted to play toys at school (*slap forehead*).

For this coming half semester, Ryan is having a homework everyday from school. He really need to study harder to get the best result.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Today is marked as Father's Day ... and I only realised it while logging to FB and saw lot of posts about Father's Day. No special celebration for tonight,just have simple dinner at home.
Lastly , I wish all daddies out there "Happy Father's Day"....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trip to Tanjung Manis

Last Sunday 12 June 2011, we went to Tanjung Manis,It was our first time there and the journey took about an hour drive from Sibu. We just feel curious on the place since we never went before.
Hubby's uncle will be our tour guide, we just follow his car all the way to Tanjung Manis since hubby did not knew the way there.
We started our journey at 9.30am and reached there around 10.30am. Lucky the road is quite good,but nothing much to see. Only a small jetty and small commercial centre and some industrial parks
Quickly snapped a few pictures for memories before leaving the place. Then we also drove to Kampung area..lots of Malay staying there and it was pretty crowded and lots of small stalls selling Malay titbits.Lucky we managed to find a "traditional" petrol kiosk as hubby's car need to top up petrol ,or else, we might not be able to drive back to Sibu.....(such a careless hubby).
Oh...why I say "traditional petrol kiosk"...because the man is using a pump and tin to pump the petrol out from a big tin and then pour into our petrol tank.Too bad..I forget to snap that particular pix.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Exabytes Super Blogger Slogan Contest - 2

Another contest to join..hope I can win for this 2nd part contest.

I like Exabytes Domain because it is best leading web hosting company in Malaysia. This company provides an excellent services to their customers,with their 24x7 technical support team,the customers can get their enquiries anytime anyplace.
The best part,currently Exabytes is having .My Domain Sale till 30 June 2011.As long as you are a Malaysian or an owner of registered company in Malaysia, you are eligible for this package.
So grab this good chance and get .My Domain for yourself now. Hurry up!!!
I might consider to get one for myself too.....

Exabytes Super Blogger Contest

Let's me recall back when I started join the blogging world....it has been almost 4 years I am here in this blogging world and I definitely love to blog.
I got this blogging inspiration from my Forum friends. They encourage me to set up one blog on my own and here it is......
I have been writing some paidposts ,just to earn some extra bucks in my pocket and according to my friend, if I were to change my blog (currently under blogspot)to my own domain, I might get higher chance to win my bids...is it true? Need some advices.....

Lately I am addicted to Facebook and from there I got to know Exabytes network. This company is a leading web hosting company based in Malaysia that was founded on the principal of providing the best webhosting solutions to their customers. Of course,Exabytes has fallen a few times before it was able to stand tall in this robust cyber world today.

While browsing through their website, I came across that their package on .My domain is on Sale. wow.......good chance to grab this package.

How to register?
Not to worry, as long as you are a Malaysian or on owner of registered company in Malaysia,you are eligible to apply today.
Next,you will need to write down your domain name on your supporting document/IC then fax (04.6308288) or email (domain@exabytes.com.my) to Exabytes.

And this offer is valid till 30 June 2011. So hurry up !!! you still have few more weeks to grab this good offer.

For more information,please go to this link for more information.

To make sure the customers are equally satisfied with their service,Exabytes will give money back guarantee within 30 days from initial order placed if the customers found they are not happy with what they get. And the best part,their technical support team will assist the customers 24x7.

Lastly, one great news to share....Exabytes is having 10th Anniversary Super Bloggest Contest.

What you need to do is start writing your blog about your favourite product from Exabytes company and submit your entry before 15 June 2011.
So hurry up....you may on your way to win Ipad 2 and 20 other vouchers.

Good luck everyone!!

Some prizes

Last few weeks, I received Drypers Parents' circle newsletter (1st issue) from SCA and saw one of my article was selected as STAR LETTER...yuhooo....I will get free diaper and mystery gift again.At last, SCA's staff called me up one day asking me what size of diaper I want. Straightly I told her that Ryan does not need any diaper anymore and can I exchange for something else. After checking with Manager, she agree to change for me other prize...Really appreciate it !!

So..this is what I received from SCA today.....

3 activity books for colouring & stickers & 1 photo frame.

Another prize I received from Exabytes (this prize I won from facebook contest).
It is a red Google t-shirt....good quality and definitely love this prize.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What he has been busy lately

School holiday is going to over soon in another few days and during this two weeks holiday, I let Ryan use the netbook and introduce him to some educational website. At first , I came across Starfall.com from one of the blogger's mummy. I found this website is pretty good and Ryan enjoy reading the stories.
After playing around with Starfall.com for a week, Ryan started to ask for new thing to play around, so I googled online and came across another great website called TheKidzpage.com. The most interesting part is the jigsaw puzzles and some of the online games.

Let's have a look on the pictures.... Ryan is very concentrating while playing with the jigsaw puzzles...of course, sometimes, he will call mummy for little helps.

If you do have great educational website for children,let's share with me here...Thanks!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Rendang Chicken

Yesterday was Gawai Holiday for Sarawak. It is the best time for me to cook Rendang Chicken which I have been craving for so long. I bought lot of Curry and Rendang paste from my hometown,Medan.
It is more time consuming to cook rendang,since hubby was at home, I could spent more time in the kitchen doing my cooking.
Since the paste is ready-made,so I just need to add some chopped garlic,onions and chopped chicken into small pieces. Not to forget, I added some potatoes to the rendang, It definitely taste good.
After busy in the kitchen for an hour...Yes...my rendang chicken is ready to be served for lunch. I cooked extra to spare for dinner too.

Both me and hubby like to eat rendang chicken with steamed rice or white bread.
Next week, I plan to cook curry chicken...our favo dishes too.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Going for holiday......Tasmania

This coming December will be a long school holiday and I am thinking of Linkhow to spent this long holiday. We did plan to go back to Medan first,then our next stop will be Tasmania.
From now on, I need to search for more information about Tasmania city before making our final decision whether to visit this place or not. We always prefer to travel by our own,it is more flexible rather than follow a tour.
At first, I need to find a comfy accomodation for our trip there and I came across Tasmania accomodation. This is a great website whereby plenty of accomodation services are listed there and it is basically depend on our budget. Next, will be Tasmania attractions place. I would say there are plenty of places to visit if we were to go to Tasmania from museum,vineyards,shopping centres,etc.
For further information, I can always go to Tasmania blog to have more details.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Holiday ****-****

This two weeks both me and Ryan is gonna get rotten at home, since it is school holiday, we don't have any holiday plan,anyway, Ryan just recovered from bad tonsilitis and it is the best time to let him stay under the sun.
I keep thinking...what I should do with Ryan at home for this coming 2 weeks?
Okie... there are lot of toys at home,but it is kinda boring keep playing with toys.
I get him a colouring book the other day, so that he can practice his colouring skills,which he really need to make more improvement on it.
Next, I will do some revision on writing a-z,1-50, and some mandarin words and let's try do some spelling for him too.
It is a great time for me to teach him how to spell some simple words.

Actually, I always have in mind to do some craft works with Ryan,but as I am not that creative, my mind just stuck there. Should google online for some simple crafting.

Another target is to make bento set meal for Ryan. I am quite interested with those bento's blogs lately..really salute those moms creating such a nice bento meal for their kids. I should give a try to make simple bento meal for Ryan one day. Stay tuned !!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Things that make me Happy

Everytime when I received a prize from someone or a company, I always feel so happy. Although they are not a big prize,but at least I am getting "something" free and useful to me.

So let's have a look on what prize I received lately.....

Tomei RM50 gift voucher (from Facebook contest) - not going to use it, anyone want it?
This voucher is going to expire on 10 Jun 2011 and is solely for the use on 18k white gold jewellery items only.

Cathay Cineplexes gift voucher 1pc (from Facebook Lipice A-Z Lip tips contest) - not going to use it,anyone want it?
This voucher is going to expire on 4 July 2011.

Bento lunchbox,cute cutters,a pack of homemade biscuits & some tea bags
(prize from My Kitchen's contest)
Thanks Lydia for the prize...I love it!!

Two mini LipIce sample ( from Facebook)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ryan's Report Book

Due to sick, Ryan has been absent from school for this whole week and yesterday I gave a call to his school to talk to his form teacher, then I got to know that today is the last day school and also the day to collect the report book. Although I have got the test papers and Ryan was getting full mark for 4 subjects except moral education ,he got 95 marks,but overall his result is not bad. (Maybe I put too high expectation on Ryan, I expect him to get all 5 subjects full mark,if possible).

So this afternoon, I drove Ryan to school to take his report book and also some homework that he has missed out for the past few days. To my suprise, the teacher told me that Ryan is getting 1st rank on his class. His result is quite good,average is 99....and Ryan got a small present ( Upin & Ipin pencil set) from the school.
I was so happy with the result and I keep telling Ryan to study harder and smarter,so that he can always pass with flying colours.
Well done, Ryan !!! Mommy is so proud of you....**

Tomorrow will the school holiday for 2 weeks and no holiday plan for us as I prefer to keep Ryan stay indoor to strenghten back his immune system.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting medicine online

After having sleepless nights for the past few days, I started to get an headache on and off and sometimes the pain is killing, however a rescuer comes on time to cure my headache. My husband's friend recommend me to buy butalbital which he has been using it and it works well on him. Not to wait, faster get this medicine from nearby pharmacy. It works like magic..my headache is gone within the next few hours and I feel fresher too.
I tried to search online see I can get this medicine at cheaper rate and I manage to find one of the best online pharmacy who is selling butalbital at very reasonable price and without prescription.

At last, I knew that online shopping is not only for clothes,but for medicine,it works well too.It definitely make my life more convenience as I can just place my order online and get the medicine at my doorstep in few days time.
While browsing for more information online, I came across another type of pain killer for headache and migraine called Fioricet. Of course, I can also buy Fioricet online at great bargains.
One more thing, I can also buy fioricet without prescription.
By looking at the great offers, I can't wait to place my medicine order just to standby some at home when I need it for emergency uses.
Since I can't take Panadol tablet due to some allergy issue,so butalbital and fioricet are another option to cure my headache.

Little update of Ryan

After been sick for more than 4 days....Ryan's condition is not totally recovered yet. He has been for an injection twice and have taken two type of antibiotic with fever medicine.
Yesterday was his second injection and that would be the final injection,if today still show no sign of recovery,then Ryan need to be admitted to "H" today. Since last night, I have been monitoring his condition closely and I noticed throughout the night,his fever has went down to normal range. I really hope this is a good sign and today Ryan will be going for another review at Dr.Law's clinic.
Hopefully, Ryan will recover soon...it seem this whole week Ryan will stay indoor till he is fully recover and school holiday is coming soon (for 2 weeks).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Feeling so good...

Since Friday night,Ryan started to develop fever and quickly feed him fever medicine. I was having sleepless night ...woke up few times in the middle of the night to check through his body temperature and it seem the fever would come on and off.
I decided to bring him to Dr.Law for medication since his condition did not show any improvement after fever medicine.According to Dr.Law, Ryan was having sore throat and was given suppository on the spot as his fever stil remained 38.3 although I have given him fever medicine,the fever seem stay there. After the suppository was given,Ryan's fever started to subside.I noticed within the next 4 hours, the fever started to come back again. So last night, I was having another sleepless night too.
Today, I have to keep monitor his condition and if by tomorrow his fever does not subside totally,then may need to bring him back to Dr.Law for medication.

Really hope Ryan will get well soon....

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Exabytes - Super blogger contest

Today is Saturday which means I will be free at home, while browsing through facebook, I came across this interesting contest and hope to win a prize from it.
Here we go.....

slogan :

“I like Exab
ytes Domain because it is one of the best web hosting provider in Malaysia which offer the lowest price Malaysia domain name registration,cheapest MY domain name.
They give the best service to the customers with their professional technical support team to assist their valuable customers for 24 hours.
Apart from it, they always ensure their customers are satisfied with the services they provided,or else, the customers are able to get money back within 100 days from the initial orders.
Exabytes is also known as number #1 webhosting provider in the region,voted by their customers.

Friday, May 20, 2011

100 % diaperless

Ryan was first to be diaperless at night after his 4th birthday. From the month of Feb this year, Ryan was diaperless and accident always happened(wet the bed)...sometimes I just overslept (forget to wake Ryan up to pee) and he would wet the bed & blanket. I have to change the bedsheet few times in a week...getting tired of it. So in April when we were back to Medan, I got him use diaper again at night because I just could not stand it no more.
To my suprise, when we were back to Sibu, he refused to put on diaper at night and told me that "he will wake me up at night when he has the urge to pee",...ok,since he was so confident, I let him to be diaperless and it has been more than 3 weeks, Ryan has been diaperless at night and no accident happened. He will either wake me up or I will wake him up in the middle of the night.Even if I lupa to wake him up in the middle of the night,...thanks god...no accident happened yet.

Now another problem occured..I have few packs of Drypers Wee Wee at home (XXL size 32 pcs- 2 packs & XXL 16 - 1 pack) and no one is going to use it. I intend to sell them off cheap cheap.
For my friends who are interested to buy...please drop me a mail at shia88@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lunch Punch Giveaway

I like to do blog hopping to some blogger mummies who are really expert in Linkbento-ing and everytime I saw them posted the yummy bento meal for their kids, I always tell myself...I have to try bento-ing for Ryan one day.But I know that I have been delaying it (no time....just an excuses for me, if I really have determination to do, for sure I can make it).
So while reading Cynthia's blog this afternoon, I came across a great website Bento Fun and the great news ..it is having a giveaway contest for a set of Lunch Punch - critter cutters.
I should start bento-ing for Ryan to make his meal looks more attractive and it definitely help to boost up his appetite and interest to eat more in every meal.

For those friends, who are interested in bento-ing,let's hop to Bento Fun !!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Exam's result

Last week,Ryan was having his first semester exam and all together they are 5 subjects to be tested. And today, he collected back all his exam paper.
I am so glad that Ryan is doing well in his exam...well done,Ryan!!
He is getting 100 marks for 4 papers except the moral paper he is getting 95 mark only.
I know Ryan is trying his best to complete all the papers,better don't put too much pressure on him at this moment.
In the next two weeks time, Ryan will be having school holiday for 2 weeks starting from 30 May-12 Jun'2011. Looking forward to it...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Exam at school

Ryan is having his first exam at school starting from today till this Saturday. I was so nervous whether he is doing well. I do not put any pressure on him and just get him do some revision everyday,so far, he is doing quite well during the revision at home.
I always reminded him to check through his answer one more time before passing the exam paper to his teacher. Hopefully he will get a good result on his exam..Pray hard!!
I remembered well when I was young, I also feel nervous when come to exam time...my heart will beat super fast and always hope the question that I spotted will appear in the exam paper. I am wondering whether Ryan will get nervous during the exam time..."think think think"???
Maybe Ryan is too young to understand the nervous feeling because he look very calm this morning when I sent him to school.
Good luck to my boy Ryan....do the best in your exam!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What we brought back from Medan...

I did mentioned in my previous post about durian pancake & swissroll that I brought back from Medan.

The Durian pancake is not cheap.It cost Rp 12000/pc (around Rm4)and my mother bought me a box contains 15 pcs. The taste of the durian is so good ,but I can only take 1 pc each day and have to drink plenty of water. When I was young, I have no problem eating durians and I won't get heaty so easily,but now....my body is getting weaker, I can't eat too much heaty food.
Glad that bring back few packs of Adem Sari which can help to cure sore throat and heatiness. So everytime after eating 1 pc of durian pancake, I will drink a cup of Adem Sari to bring down the heatiness in my body.

As for the C & F swissroll, the price is quite reasonable, Rp 40000/roll and I brought back 4 rolls with combination of pineapple and strawberry jam. There are many other flavors like cheese,chocolate,mocha,blueberry,sunkist,etc..but I still love to eat the most traditional flavor(pineapple).

Ryan also have some pressie from his Jiu Jiu(my 1st brother)...his favo Thomas & friends train set. My brother even brought an extension set for Ryan ... he was so happy and has been playing with it everyday.

Another presents for Ryan are badminton & tennis set (ben-10) from my mom & ultraman from me (which I brought it from market in Medan).

Friday, May 6, 2011

Start school again...

I was so nervous last few days..it was because of Ryan....why?...I was so worried that he may refuse to go school after having a long break (almost a month) from school , it is my own-self holiday for Ryan as we were back to Medan for a holiday. My worries were gone...Ryan was doing fine at school for the past few days.
I have no problem to ask him wake up and send him off to school. Everytime when I fetched him, I would ask his teacher whether he was doing fine...the answer I got "Yes".He will join his friends in the singing session and all the activities carried out in the whole morning..:)

Although I did get some worksheet from the teacher for Ryan to do while we were in Medan,but that was not enough. For the past few days, Ryan always come back home with some homework to do. And he will have his first exam on 12 May next month.I have to put more effort and let him practice more in recognize the words especially the mandarin words.(since I am a banana...I have a difficulty to teach Ryan in Mandarin...my hubby is our rescuer).
Ryan has no problem in counting and recognizing alphabets & numbers.
Pray hard that Ryan will do well in his exam next month......!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

I 'm Back...

After been missing for few weeks..I am back to blogging world now. Time flies so fast. My 3 weeks holiday in Medan was over and now I am back to Sibu and start my routine again.
My mum and sis joined me back to Sibu,so I was busy for the past few days.Brought them out for a walk and today they are dropby KL for 2 nights before going back to Medan.
How I wish they can stay with me here...we chat,laugh,eat and we really having so much fun.

Talking about my 3 weeks holiday back to Medan (my hometown),it was super good...I wish I can stay in Medan forever...everyday is a relaxing day for me during my holiday.
Even Ryan enjoyed so much playing with his cousins.

As usual, I brought back some food from Medan and my favourite was durian pancake,swissroll, curry paste,rendang paste and soto paste.
The durian pancake taste great,but I can't eat too much ...too heaty for me.
As for the swissroll, don't forget to dropby C&F cake shop for their swissroll if you do travel to Medan...I love their pineapple swissroll.
As for the spicy food, of course, I never miss out the curry & rendang paste which I brought from wet market(pasar beruang). My mother helped me to frozen all the pastes in the fridge.

I really looking forward for my next holiday trip to Medan....anyone wanna join me?......I can be your tour guide....***

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Holiday in Medan

I have been MIA from my blog for the past few days...it is because I am on my holiday trip to Medan,started from 5-27 April 2011. Both me and Ryan are so happy with our holiday, we eat,chat with my family members..we just have lot of things to gossip around and of course, Ryan have chance to play with his cousins.
As for me, I really enjoy myself in Medan...I can sleep and wake up late, no need to do any housework and cooking.How I wish the time can stop .. so that I can enjoy myself in Medan.
I do bring back some homework (provided by school) for Ryan to do.
Will update my blog again after I back to Sibu.....

Have a nice weekend...!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I need...

Having an own house is everyone's dream. I always dream to have my own house rather than staying with my in-laws forever. Of course, after getting a house, there are many more things need to settle like getting furniture, lights,doing some decorations for the house and I need a small garden to make my house looks perfect. I am glad to come across Dallas lawn maintenance ,which is recommended by my cousin. With the service provided by this landscaping company, I can be sure...my garden will always looks lush and healthy. I do noticed that they do accept payment via cash,check and credit card ,definitely a good option. By signing up their service plan, I just need to standby my credit card in hand.

After my garden issue is solved,now I feel like doing some online shopping to pamper myself. I planned to get a personalized tote bags for me and my sister and glad to come across PosyLane.com which have variety of shapes,colours and styles. I prefer those made from canvas as it is stiff and hold straight side very well.This will be a perfect present for my sister.
Next will be present for my nieces and nephews, I am looking for personalized kids backpack.PosyLane.com do have a wide selection of backpacks for toddlers. For the Mint toddler backpacks,they come with small and medium size.For children who love 100% cotton, Stephen Johnson quilted backpacks is the right choice. It does come with matching lunch totes,nap mats, water bottles and sunglasses.
Having an online stores in the market nowadays, I can shop anytime I want with varieties of choices. Just get ready my credit card or using my paypal account for the payment. So convenience!!


Yesterday my mother gave me a call and asked "have you packed your luggage?"....my answer?
Not yet lol. Thanks for my mum always reminded me "never do things last mins".
So after back from Premier (done some shopping) last night, I quickly grabbed my luggage,clean it up and started thinking what baju and other things that I need to bring home.
For Ryan, there is nothing much as my nephew's baju can fit him well. So I can save the space to put other stuffs.
For I myself, I just brought home few pieces of baju since I have some back at my hometown.

Since I am travelling alone with Ryan..should I bring along his stroller which has been keeping untouch for more than 2 years. It makes me more convenient to push him around using stroller while waiting for my connection flight from KL to Medan (I guess...I scared Ryan will run here and there in the airport & get lost..As you know, airport is always crowded).

Thanks for my brother and father 's concern..they seem worry I am not able to handle Ryan while waiting in the airport (they even thought of flying to KL to wait for me at the airport...of course, I said "No need la"..I should be able to handle it well...Hopefully I can do it, it is my first time travelling alone with Ryan).

Have a nice Sunday !

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Estate in Florida

I was chatting with one of my old mate who residing in USA few days ago, she has married there for more than 5 years. Her husband plan to get a house Florida area and she was told by the agent that Winter Park is one of the nicest area in the state of Florida.
Winter park florida real estate is actually one of the first planned communities. The area is very convenient as many good restaurants,shops, museums and 100 different golf courses are around this area.The best part is Winter park florida real estate is very close to downtown Orlando area. And for those who like to have weekend picnic for whole family,it is just few minutes drive to Tampa and Daytona Beach. The place is suitable for bike rides too.

The most influence reason why my friend want to move to Florida is that they do not have any state income taxes and the property tax rates in Winter Park are always below the national average.
At this moment, my friend is yet to decide what kind of house to buy, it can be range from Winter Park condos that cost from millions of dollars to one bedroom apartments and homes that are modest to ones in the million dollar range.
I do hope one day I will have a chance to visit her once she has settled down in the state of Florida.


I am planning to get a toddler backpacks for my both my nieces. It would be a great present for them on my trip back to Medan next week. While browsing through Stephen Joseph Quilted Toddler backpacks collection, I really love all the designs. Their backpacks are suitable for boys and girls. Their material are 100% quilted cotton and it can be washed in the washing machine. If you need to add some words to be embroidered in the backpacks,an arrangement can be made when you place your order online. So convenience and practical service !!!
I definitely fall in love with the "daisy quilted toddler backpack,the design is simple and I love the matching colour,and it only cost $23/piece.
Apart from the backpacks collection, PosyLane.com do have a selection of nap mats. You can always matched your toddler backpack with the nap mat to make it one colourful set. The nap mats are come with attached blanket and pillow.

After getting a toddler backpack and nap mat, of course, don't forget to get a lunch tote for my nieces since their lunch tote collection are so nice and the price is reasonable too. What I like about Stephen Joseph lunch tote is it has a Velcro strap inside to hold a drink, and has an inner mesh pocket and you may also get a matching water bottle for the lunch tote.

Hope both my nieces will like the presents that I am going to give them soon..:)

Ryan @ 50 months old

I would say time flies super fast...a baby boy has grown up to be a toddler now .Ryan can be super talkactive and playful sometimes,but once he met a stranger, he can be a super quiet and shy boy.
Sometimes , I just can't answer to his questions and really have to twist my brain on how to give the best answer to his questions.
Of course, Ryan is a good boy at home and school,but once a while, he will have a bad mood too and start to get fussy. But once he knew that I get angry and nag at him, he will just keep quiet and tears drop down his pipi....so pity !! and be it how angry I am....I feel bad seeing his tears keep coming down and down. (I guess I am a soft-hearted person..Am I?)
One thing for sure...Ryan like to stick to his mummy and daddy ,most of the time. Even when we are out for shopping or a walk, he always want to be in the middle (holding mummy & daddy's hand).So sweet.....(of course, I have no chance to hold my hubby's hand now....coz I will be holding on to Ryan..)
In the next few days, I will fly off to Medan with Ryan only and It is my first time travelling without hubby at my side . I do hope I can handle Ryan well in the airport as we will be waiting at LCCT for more than 4 hours for our connection flight from KL - Medan. Hope he won't run here or there..or else, I have to chase him like cows cows...!! Pray hard I will have a smooth journey back to Medan this coming Tuesday. Looking forward to see my family members and also my friends:)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perfect present

I always get a headache when someone gave me an invitation to a birthday party..what is the best present to be given to the birthday boy/girl?
In the first place, I will set a budget and would think of the present that can be used by the birthday person in future.
Last week, I received an invitation card to attend my son's friend birthday party on this weekend..normally for kids, it is very easy to get a present...a toy or school's stuffs.
For this time, I want to get the birthday boy something special. What do you think of personalized a kids backpack or personalized a nap mats? Both are very unique present and the best part is the kids backpack style has a matching lunch tote,snack square and nap mat.
What I like most is the Mint nap mats which are padded and lined with nylon and cotton with a ribbon trimmed, soft, fleecy attached blanket. They are perfect for younger children and toddlers. The price are quite reasonable too.
While browsing through the online website PosyLane, I came across that they are doing a new business called North Dallas Embroidery.They are giving a reasonable price and unreasonably great services to their clients.

For those who are looking for any perfect gifts for children,let's check out PosyLane.com.

Not A good sign...

Why do I say so..? Because Ryan falls sick again..another fever attack and tonight I have brought him to see Dr.Law and as usual another tonsilitis attack. As for the medicine, an antibiotic and fever medicine.
This morning, I still sent Ryan to school as he looks active and just having slight fever,so after a dose of fever medicine, we set off to RJ Kindee and I did informed the teacher to pay xtra attention in case his fever did shot up,but lucky, he was doing fine for the whole morning. Only during dinner time, he showed no appetite to eat and I knew it was time to visit a doctor for speedy recovery as we are going off for Medan trip next week.
Hope Ryan will recover soon.......as we are looking forward for the next week trip.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Freebies from Enfa & Giant

Yesterday while browsing the SinChew newspaper for Giant advertisement, I saw there was a promotion for Enfakid Rm33.99 for 650 grams.Be it, I don't read Mandarin newspaper ( a banana...don't understand Mandarin words at all)but I like to browse through the advertisement.
Quickly drove to Wisma Sanyan to grab the milk formula Enfakid. When I was at the milk formula rack, I saw this notice mentioned "purchase of Enfa product Rm138 and above will entitle for a free bag". From the picture, it looks like the bag is not bad and I like one of the colour (blue colour bag).
Asked the Giant staff whether the bag still have stock or not before I make my puchases,lastly I grabbed 6 boxes of Enfakid and got the free bag. There have 3 different colours for the bag,but I chose blue colour(more suitable for Ryan).Since we are going for travelling soon,this bag might be suitable to put Ryan's stuffs.

I am not sure whether is this promotion is going on in West Malaysia Giant. It seem this promotion is tied up between Mead Johnson and Giant because I don't see this promotion at other local supermarket in Sibu.

This is how the bag looks like...nice tak?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Network marketing

Before setting up a business, we need to have a proper plan on what business to do, doing some
research and how to market the business and make the business work well.
Here come and dropby this website "work with John Womack". John Womack is an Attraction Marketing coach in the Network Marketing industry.
You guys might be wondering what is exactly network marketing means? It is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods.

Of course, to make a business grow well and success, alot of hardship is needed and once the business has earned money,the life will be more easier to handle.
Some of the recommended tools/resources to build up a business that adopted by John Womack : Create your own personal attraction as a leader,set up video marketing ,getting the right sales method to attract endless leads and customers to you regardless of what business you are in and lastly set the right budget.

To learn more on this network marketing strategy, let's dropby your message to John Womack on his website and in the next 24-48 hours, you will receive his respond.

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day school....

After having a break for one week,Today 21 March 2011 is the first day school for Ryan.Last night, I told him that tomorrow morning has to wake up early and wear uniform to school,then he told me " mummy, don't want go school "..oh..when I heard him said so..I was thinking, will he cry tomorrow morning when I wake him up to school.
But lucky this morning, he did not make any noise when daddy wake him up for milk and get ready for school.
What happened is.... I overslept till around 7.05...actually I set my alarm at 6am,but then I switched it off and continue go back to my dreamland for another 1 hour...I was jumping down from my bed when suddenly I really the sky is getting brighter..oh no....I was late !!

Not to wait further,faster get ready all my routine morning activities and by 7.45am, we went out from school and of course, Ryan was bit late to school today. I felt happy when he never showed me a sad face and joined his friends for the singing session,He even waved BYE BYE to me... Good boy !!
And the whole morning, I couldn't wait to pick him up from school and wanted to know how he is doing at school today, the teacher told he,Ryan was doing fine...I felt happy..!!

Another two more weeks...Ryan will be having his another break from school (my own holiday break) as we are travelling back to my hometown...start counting my days........another 14 days to go.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Concrete Polishing

The other day,while meeting with one of my house contractor,they suggested to get the polished concrete on the main floor of our new house. The contractor introducing this company called Concrete Art-FX. This company do offer decorative concrete floor options that are environmentally sustainable choices with rich visual appeal of natural polished concrete that resembles natural stone, to highly polished concrete that looks very similar to terrazzo with optional choice of deep colour penatrating earth tones polished concrete dyes infused directly into the polished concrete surface for a unique one of kind floor.They also processed concrete into a naturally polished concrete floor finish, to a satin or high gloss finishes obtained with premium concrete coatings to enhance appearance and durability of decorative concrete stained floor or resurfaced concrete projects.Concrete Art-FX employed one of the best technology in concrete polishing system called HTC superfloor system to produce various grades of polished concrete.
As for the maintenance, this company do provide scheduled periodic polished concrete maintenance program to keep the polished concrete floor shiny as the day they were originally polished. Superb service !!

Another way to make the house floor looks different is by having concrete staining process. Concrete staining is a permanent,durable,economical floor solution when properly prepared and stained and protected with quality sealers such as 100% epoxy or high end polyurethane sealer will give you a lifetime floor with low maintenance.

If you need to have Free estimation request,simply fill up their online request form with the necessary information and they will get back to you within 2 working days.

Both me and my husband are considering whether to take up the contractor's suggestion as it definitely will make our new house looks more elegant.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Something from FB

Last few weeks, I got a noted that both me and my husband won some prizes from Asia Media TV (through facebook).
My husband won special prize from Drive Angry contest while I myself won a prize from Rabbit and Friendz contest.
Unfortunately for the Drive Angry prize, we have to collect the prize personally or either send a representative to collect on our behalf.
Since I am not located at KL..I may need my friends in KL to help me to collect the prize..but who is willing to help me....? HELP HELP>......
Here comes my big helper.....a friend that I knew from Facebook named Crystal, she was kind enough to respond to my message that I updated in my Facebook account. Since she is helping her godsister to collect her prize at the same location,so I tumpang her at the sametime.
And yesterday, she called me up to inform me that she will courier the prizes and also included some angpow packets for me. Thanks lot Crystal for the angpows....they definitely add to my collection.
And today, I received the parcel from the courier service man..