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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, August 8, 2008

*New Look *

Can you spot any different on me ??? Let's think & think & think !!

The answer is : my hair is extremely short now (like shaolin boy). Mummy & daddy brought me for a hair cut last Sunday.I have not been cutting my hair for almost 4 mths. As usual, when came to my turn, I always cry while cutting my hair. I just don't like the auntie touch my hair. Now I look more fresher. Tat's my new look on my 18mths old +++ development.

Development on Ryan :
1. Can recognize : apple, orange,ball,banana,flower,cat,hat,shoes,telephone.
2. Not much development on the speech. Can call papa & mama clearly at the moment.
3. Like to watch tv advertisement & doraemon cartoon.
4. Like to eat anykind of food.
5. Will come to mommy when he wants to pee pee, then will make noises or point his private part (depend on his mood).