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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sore Throat - little updates

As off today, my throat slightly gets better,at least, I don't feel so pain when I swallowed food.
Last night, my hubby got me coke with salt, 100 plus with salt, adem sari and my kind MIL gave me herbal tea. I drank all within a night and the magic works for me. This morning, the pain is getting lesser.
I knew,that is not the end yet and I still need to drink plenty of water and continue with my home remedy. So tonight, my hubby got me a cup of coke with salt.
Frankly speaking, I hardly had fried food and junk food,i guess is the curry fish that I cooked last week make me get this terrible sore throat.No one to blame...I have to blame myself for not drinking enough water for the past few days. It is a lesson for me and more second time as the pain is terrible.

Just to add, I was super busy this whole week as I am moving to my new house(@Sun Garden) on 23 July 2011. Followed the Foochow's tradition, it meant on 23 July early morning( after 12 midnite tomorrow ), 3 of us ( hubby, Ryan & I ) will be staying in our new house for the very first time. And Ryan will have to skip his replacement class on Saturday.
As there is no phone line yet in my new house housing area, I might consider to get a broadband service temporary. I can't imagine my life without an internet.....oh gosh, don't think I can take it.

Stay tuned for next posts...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sore Throat

Two days ago, I did feel uncomfortable with my throat,but I don't really go and bother it. Just drink more water and BINGO .... in the midnight, I did felt extremely pain at my throat,especially when I drank water and swallowed saliva..it was pain.
So the next morning, I quickly have a cup of salt water followed by AdemSari (it is a kind powder for constipation,sore throat & heatiness - bought from Medan). I bought quite lot of packets of Adem Sari back to Sibu and everyday I am having 3 packs of Adem Sari after my meal.
Till now, my throat still feel pain and I can't eat and drink well.Even with porridge, I still feel the pain when I swallowed the porridge.In my whole life, I never got such a terrible sore throat.
Tonight, I tried to drink 100+ and Coke with salt ,hope it did helps to cure the pain.
And my kind MIL make me a cup of herbal tea after dinner.

Anyone mind to share home remedy for sore throat...do share with me here. Thanks !!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My saturday

Today, Ryan has a replacement class from 8-11am. Of course, when he knew that he has a class today, he feel unhappy because all the while every Saturday is his off-day. However, he did not make a fuss when I woke him up this morning.
However, I did feel that his forehead is slightly warmer than usual,but we are in rush & I did not manage to measure his body temperature.
His daddy fetched him back from school (for the very first time) and when I met Ryan, I quickly touched his forehead and Bingo...he has a fever. His forehead felt warm.
This afternoon , Ryan has no appetite to eat because his body felt warm. Quickly cleaned up his body and fed him fever medicine and within an hour,his fever has subsided. Then he complained "hungry".Let him have a slice of bread with cheese and tomato sauce and then has his nap. Till now, Ryan is still having his nap while I am updating this post.

Hope his fever won't come back again as tomorrow and next week onwards will be a busy day for me and his daddy as we are moving to our new house next Saturday.
Get well soon, Ryan!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hair styles

Last weekend, I brought Ryan to salon for a haircut. That was the very first time he went to salon for his haircut.All the while, I brought Ryan to a barbershop to get his hair cut.
Before the hairstylist started to cut Ryan's hair, I discussed with him any new kids hairstyles to recommend. After chatted for awhile,the hairstylist started to cut Ryan's hair and I like Ryan's new hair style (sorry no picture to show,forget to snap the picture).

As for me, I also got my haircut at the sametime and I chose for medium hairstyles. It did help to create a voluminous look to my hair.
I did thought of changing my hairstyle and yet to decide whether I should go for "medium bob hairstyle" for my next visit.Should I? Will it suit my face?...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Break

Sorry for neglecting my blog lately and I hardly do blog hopping too. I was too busy doing packing and arranging for house moving.
Yes...at last my new house is ready and we will be moving in next Saturday 23 July 2011.
Be it, our things are not that many,but it is pretty tiring too to do the packing.

I may not be able to online after moving to my new house as there is no phone line at that area. Of course, I do plan to get a broadband service temporary. I can't imagine my life without an internet......Can I take it? Don't think so...

Stay tune for my next posts....

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yes...he did it.

I was so proud of Ryan...this morning when I sent him off to school, he wanted to carry his school bag and water bottle on his own,did not want any help from mummy.
But I still walked him up till the stairs and waved goodbye to me. Of course, I stood there for awhile to make sure he walked into his classroom before I left.
I believe Ryan is getting more independent now and feel happy for his achievement.
Well done, Ryan !! Hope it will continues .....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Conversation

I better jotted down Ryan's conversation with me today,to me,it is a suprise..!!
This afternoon Ryan woke up from his nap earlier than usual around 4.10pm, after his milk, he watched Tom & Jerry for awhile,then we went out together.
While I was driving, this is how the conversation go :
Ryan : Mummy, tomorrow I want to go school earlier.
Mummy : Oh....why? You always reach school on time.
Ryan : Teacher saids tomorrow must come earlier,can't come late to school.
Mummy : Ok,then tonight you have to sleep earlier,so tomorrow you can wake up earlier too.
Ryan : Ok Ok..and tomorrow mummy no need to send to up to my classroom. Just send me till the stairs and I will wake up by myself.
Mummy : *I was quiet for awhile* ....Ryan never said like this to me and it was the very first time.(such a suprise for me)..then I replied "ok". You really can do it yourself?
Ryan : Yes...I can,don't worry.

And tonight Ryan goes to sleep earlier than usual and he behaves very well.
I feel so happy that Ryan seem enjoy his school life. A good sign !!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A good Saturday

Today is an off-day for Ryan...no school and we just enjoy our free time at home. This morning, when he woke up, his daddy already off to work and he is looking for his daddy to make susu for him....lucky after some bujuk-bujuk, I managed to calm him down and he agreed to drink his milk (of course, I am the one who make the susu for him).
As normal, we will have our simple breakfast and I make home-made Kampua Mee for both of us, with two cup of barley+greenbean soup.
And tonight we are going to have a family gathering dinner at my hubby's uncle house to celebrate my hubby's grandma birthday (92 years old). Ryan is so happy when I told him there will be a big birthday cake and great dinner for tonight.Hope I will have a chance to snap some pictures for memories....

At here, I wanna wish "Grandma, happy birthday to you"..