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Thursday, June 5, 2008

~~My 16 months Old +++~~

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Time flies *** Ryan is 16 months old+++ now. He has grown up to be an active boy.
* Started to call 'papa' and 'mama' everyday. Whenever he want something or need some helps, he will call either 'pa' or 'ma'. Noticed that he sticks to his daddy esp during night time. Become a manja boy and want daddy to accompany him sleep every night (ops....mommy has to be alone in the bed...hahaha).
* Muttered alot of words...its baby talks.(mommy n daddy can't understand wat he is trying to say).
* Started to eat rice during dinner, always join mommy n daddy during dinner time.
* Like to watch TV advs ,Doraemon n Barney show. Lucky daddy get Astro MAX that can record all the nice shows. So mommy has to repeat the show to Ryan everyday. So boring lol....but Ryan loves it alot.
* Can wave 'goodbye',shake hand,give me 5,clap hands,like to pretend hit mosquitoes (learn from his grandma),can hold his own milk bottle. will nod his head when he doesn't want something.
* Can climb stairs by himself (will make noise and want to climb up stairs when clock reach 10pm every night, it has been a habit for him).
* Like to dig out his story books ..after flip a few pages, then take another books again....headache, whole floor full of story books.
* Like to play with ball either big or small ball. All are his favourite.
* Like to bite pillow, bolster,etc....Oh...forget to add, mommy's hand always kena bite too....very very pain.hiks hiks**
* Like to sleep in FROG STYLE and can roll from one end to another end on his mattress.
* Love to eat : banana, papaya,apple. Recently, like to drink barley and green bean soup...

Mommy will update Ryan's development again on next mth .....will be continued ****