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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I need...

Having an own house is everyone's dream. I always dream to have my own house rather than staying with my in-laws forever. Of course, after getting a house, there are many more things need to settle like getting furniture, lights,doing some decorations for the house and I need a small garden to make my house looks perfect. I am glad to come across Dallas lawn maintenance ,which is recommended by my cousin. With the service provided by this landscaping company, I can be sure...my garden will always looks lush and healthy. I do noticed that they do accept payment via cash,check and credit card ,definitely a good option. By signing up their service plan, I just need to standby my credit card in hand.

After my garden issue is solved,now I feel like doing some online shopping to pamper myself. I planned to get a personalized tote bags for me and my sister and glad to come across PosyLane.com which have variety of shapes,colours and styles. I prefer those made from canvas as it is stiff and hold straight side very well.This will be a perfect present for my sister.
Next will be present for my nieces and nephews, I am looking for personalized kids backpack.PosyLane.com do have a wide selection of backpacks for toddlers. For the Mint toddler backpacks,they come with small and medium size.For children who love 100% cotton, Stephen Johnson quilted backpacks is the right choice. It does come with matching lunch totes,nap mats, water bottles and sunglasses.
Having an online stores in the market nowadays, I can shop anytime I want with varieties of choices. Just get ready my credit card or using my paypal account for the payment. So convenience!!


Yesterday my mother gave me a call and asked "have you packed your luggage?"....my answer?
Not yet lol. Thanks for my mum always reminded me "never do things last mins".
So after back from Premier (done some shopping) last night, I quickly grabbed my luggage,clean it up and started thinking what baju and other things that I need to bring home.
For Ryan, there is nothing much as my nephew's baju can fit him well. So I can save the space to put other stuffs.
For I myself, I just brought home few pieces of baju since I have some back at my hometown.

Since I am travelling alone with Ryan..should I bring along his stroller which has been keeping untouch for more than 2 years. It makes me more convenient to push him around using stroller while waiting for my connection flight from KL to Medan (I guess...I scared Ryan will run here and there in the airport & get lost..As you know, airport is always crowded).

Thanks for my brother and father 's concern..they seem worry I am not able to handle Ryan while waiting in the airport (they even thought of flying to KL to wait for me at the airport...of course, I said "No need la"..I should be able to handle it well...Hopefully I can do it, it is my first time travelling alone with Ryan).

Have a nice Sunday !