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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friends' Gathering ...

I supposed to update this post one month ago...it was dragging till tonight only I managed to find some free time to upload my gathering pictures with my ex-classmates in Medan, my MP friends & my blogger friends.

gathering with Jenny & Verawaty...my old mates,from Sutomo 1.

With Suryani, meet her coincidentally at Polonia Airport,on my way back to KL.
Sur was on her way to Penang..we were on different flight.

Gathering with Lina & Brenda,we have our lunch at Nelayan Rest @ Sun Plaza.

Gathering with MP friends @ 1 Utama on 27 Dec'09(Nicole,WanChin,Queenie,Violet..all come with their hubbies & lovely kids).We have our dinner @Nandos.

Gathering with Cynthia & Merryn @ The Curve on 29 Dec'09 for dinner.We have our dinner @ The Marche,Merryn was late & she joined us after her dinner. Hope to meet them again next time.