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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shocking News...

This morning, while I was driving, I heard that an SMS was in to my mobile. After parking my car at the nearby supermarket, I read my SMS and it was from one of my friend in Penang. She was asking me about my best buddy's father news....
I did know that my best buddy's (Bren) father was sick last few days and the condition was not that good. I do hope miracle will happened,but unfortunately.....I got this shocking news that Bren's dad has passed away this morning. I was so sad :(...

I know that my buddy needs my support at this moment,but unfortunately, I am not going back to my hometown for the month of December.
I will get my brother to arrange for funeral flower for my buddy's family.

My deepest condolances to Brenda's family.....Be strong,girl!!

Fyi, Bren and I are classmate from primary till senior high school. We used to play together during our childhood. So our friendship was more than 20 over years...although we are not living in the same country now,but we also keep in touch with each other and when we have chance to meet up at our hometown, we will have a small gathering.