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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes......I 'm back again....:)

I have been missing in action for the past few months since I moved in to my new house. I would say, since moving to my new house, I am quite busy ... have to send & fetch Ryan to school, doing housechores,etc.
Apart from it, I am using broadband for the time being as there is no phoneline at my housing area,really hope TM will put up phoneline so that I can use Streamyx line again.
I felt inconvenience using broadband service as sometimes the line is quite lagged.
I do hope I can update my blog more from today onwards.

Before I pen-off, let's me jot down what I am busy about last Saturday. Ryan was having his first dancing competition at Rejang Park Kindergarten. Ryan was getting excited for that Big Day.Both me & my husband were getting excited to see Ryan's performance on stage with his classmates.
The programme was started at 6.30pm & Ryan has to be there earlier to get ready for the competition. We went there at 5pm, I left Ryan to the teacher and both me & hubby came back around 6pm.The hall was full house & we can only get the seat at the latest row. It ended around 9pm and everyone is getting tired. Ryan's class was getting "most creative" prize for the competition.
It was definitely a great experience for Ryan having a chance to perform on stage.

"Happy Monday"