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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

***Our CNY celebration 2010***

This is a backdated post....have been delaying for 1 month for updating about our CNY 2010 celebration.
This year is marked as the 1st year for Ryan celebrating CNY at Sibu. We used to go back to my hometown,Medan(indonesia) for CNY except this year. Hubby decided to stay back at his hometown (sibu) for CNY celebration. For sure, I am a bit sad, I still prefer back to my hometown,have a reunion dinner with my family members at Benteng Restaurant(my family's usual place for reunion dinner every year).
As for me, since I married to my husband,this is the 2nd time I was celebrating CNY at Sibu. The 1st time is during my confinement period,when I gave birth to my boy Ryan.

Okie...let's get back to our CNY 2010 celebration at Sibu...what were we doing during the first 15 days of CNY.

*Our simple house decoration for CNY*
CNY Eve : have a reunion dinner at home,mil cooked all the dishes, I just helped her bit here and there in the kitchen.

*Ryan on CNY's outfit on the 1st day of CNY @ greatgrandma's house*
1st day CNY : visited hubby's grandma (Ryan's greatgrandma) after taking our breakfast (meesuah soup,foochow tradition).At night, visited one of my hubby's uncle - have light snack (panggang with curry chicken) at his house.

2nd day CNY : visited hubby's auntie (from my MIL's side),my hubby's uncles (from my FIL's side).

3rd day CNY : visited hubby's relatives in the afternoon. Night time stayed at home.

4th day CNY : stayed at home.....have a rest.

5th day CNY : Ryan started school for half day. Since hubby has not started working, so we sent Ryan to school together in the morning, then went for breakfast (Tomyam Beehoon)

6th day CNY - 14 th day CNY : normal routines....nothing much.

15th day CNY : Have reunion lunch,mil cooked all the dishes,I just helped her bit here and there in the kitchen. At night,Ryan was playing mini fire crackers at the yard.

*Fireworks around the house...nonstop for about one hours*