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Friday, April 27, 2012

Not feeling well

After eating curry chicken for 3 consecutive days, I felt unwell. Sore throat started to visit me,followed by flu and headache. Be it I have popped Clarinase,but my flu will come on and off ,at night, I would have blocked nose which was very irritating and I have to migrate myself from sleeping the same room with Ryan. I don't want he kena "those" bugs from me.
And my hubby is not feeling well too, he has sore throat with cough. Oh no....3 of us under the same roof and only Ryan alone who is pretty healthy now. Both mummy n daddy are unwell.
Be it feel tiring, I have to do the houseworks and still do simple cooking, as we always prefer to eat home-cooked meal.
Hope  both of us fast fast recover....

Lastly, wish all my bloggers ' friends "have a nice weekend"