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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After been waiting for a month...

Ryan was supposed to receive his report book for his mid-term exam before school holiday. Due to his class teacher was on confinement leave at that point of time, i was dragged till now...and tomorrow is the DAY.
For the exam results, I received them before the school holiday and Ryan scored a good mark except for Maths and Mandarin (90++).

I believe every parents will get kan-cheong on their kids' performance at school and so do I. I did not put much pressure on Ryan. Of course, whatever the teacher has taught at school, he must understand and know how to read and write. Practices is done at home every night except Sunday is his off-day.

I would say....the syllabus was getting tougher and tougher especially for Mandarin. I myself give up in teaching him the Mandarin subject. Being a "banana",it is difficult for me to remember those strokes...Today I learnt, tomorrow I lupa...., So I pass this job to my hubby. He will be Ryan's tuition teacher at home.

Can't wait for tomorrow......