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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not a good news..

Last saturday,29 Oct 2010..as usual Ryan will have his half day nursery class,sent him to school in the morning ,while inside the car, I touched his forehead and feel slight warm and he did sneeze few times in the morning. I thought he still looked fine,so let's him go to school to have some fun there.
Unfortunately, around 8.40pm, My MIL gave me a call and told me that the teacher actually phoned her to inform that RYAN was not doing well...eyes kept have tears and runny nose, body started to get warm...OH...not a good sign, and my heart was beating fast when I heard this bad news...I knew...Ryan was getting SICK again. Since he has a fever,probably he got sore throat again.
Faster rush to fetch Ryan home and when I saw my poor boy so weak..my heart was so pain.
But I did not rush him to paed,let him eat medicine that I standby at home and see how it goes.
Fever started to come down and he has his nap around 12noon...I kept monitoring his body temperature and around 2pm, it seemed his body started to get warm again,but he still sleep
soundly. Since Dr.Law still opened till 4.30pm, I woke Ryan up and we went to Dr.Law for medication. Bingo...throat bit swollen,but no ulcers...Doc gave antibiotic and fever medicine.
As for flu medicine, I did not buy because I have 1 bottle standby at home.

After back home, Ryan felt hungry and I cook noodle for him and he walloped whole plate clean.
His body temperature still remain around 37.3....but he still look active and talkactive.
During dinner time, his body temperature started to raise up and at 7pm, I gave him another dose of fever medicine....Hopefully, his fever will go down...and Yes...it really went down and he
back to normal..can play and ride his bicycle,but no appetite on rice,only around 9pm, he told me he felt hungry and I gave him some bread and drank his Enfa as usual.Not to forget, drank plenty of water too.

That night, we slept late...around 11pm, Ryan's started to feel tired and his temperature has raised up to 39.This time, I chose to put suppository to bring down his fever.The whole night, I was not sleep well...every hour, I would wake up and monitor Ryan's condition..the worst is after suppository,his fever went down for 2-3 hours and it came back (totally different from normal situatio). Not to wait, I woke Ryan up and I fed him fever medicine, pray hard that his fever would went down. It did....he slept till next morning 8am,and his fever never came back...maintaining below 37.

Only around 2pm this afternoon...I touched his forehead and felt slightly warm,measured 37.2 and it was almost his nap time. Fed him fever + antibiotic medicine and lastly he slept at 3pm.
While I am writing this post, Ryan is still in his dreamland. Really pray hard that his fever won't come back again.....and Hope Ryan will get well soon.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Animal Set

*Backdated post*

Another new toy for Ryan......It is " an animal set".

It seem last month Ryan has been getting more than one set of new toy...This animal set is a gift from daddy. He saw it from school and kept mentioning to me that he wanted an animal set at home toy.

After been nagging for about a week....daddy decided to buy it for Ryan and not to mentioned, Ryan was so happy.

After playing for few days, I noticed this animal set has sat inside the plastic bag and today, I took it out for Ryan to play again.

I noticed Ryan easily get bored with his toy,so I played a trick to keep some of his old toys,and a few weeks later, I will take it out for him to play again and he definitely love to play with that toy .Or else, I have to keep buying him a new toy which is not a good solution and also not the right way to pamper him.

Friday, October 22, 2010

My PlaySchool.Net

My PlaySchool.Net is established by two gorgeous moms who share a tremendous passion for Early Childhood education.
They hope that their site will be our source of inspiration for home learning with our child and an early childhood learning resource that all parents can refer to.
Those who are interested to know more, let's drop by My Playschool.net for more information.

Currently, they are organizing a Giveaway " 3 Math Start Books" to 3 lucky winners.
The 3 Little Firefighters, Beep Beep Vroom Vroom and The Best Buddy Counts.

You guys may be wondering...what is Math Start ?...

A quote from the author Stuart Murphy on the Math Start series of books;
'The MathStart books are about telling stories using pictures, words and math. Pictures are important because many children are visual learners. They learn new concepts and new ideas more easily through diagrams and models than through text and numbers alone. Words are important because kids like stories. Stories are a way to demonstrate mathematical ideas in contexts that kids care about and show how math is used in their own lives. Math, of course, because understanding and enjoying mathematics is an essential life skill.'

How to join this giveaway contest ? Pretty easy...
1. Go to My Playschool.net website and fill up your details.

If you wanna have 2 more chances of winning :
1. If you are a new addition to our 'LIKE' Myplayschool.net on Facebook (1 more chance)
2. Post the details of this giveaway on your blog (1 additional chance of winning)

Contest will be open until November 19th,Friday midnight. and is only applicable for readers in Asia.
Winners will be randomly selected for the items and the result will be announced on Monday, November 21st. Please check back on this website to see if you have won the prize.
The winners will need to email contact.myplayschool@gmail.com to provide name and shipping address.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Blue Ball... Triple "B"

Today, Ryan another new toy from his Ah-Mah, a big blue ball (Should called as "triple B")....]He was so happy...!!
He has been asking me whether Ah-Mah did buy a ball for him as promised while I went to fetch him back from school just now and I said " I don't know" , so I told him to just wait till ]Ah-Mah(my mil) back home ,then he asked himself.

Oh after having his lunch, Just now Ah-Mah came back home with the big blue ball. Ryan was extremely happy when he saw this ball. He started to play around with the ball and I put him on top of the ball because the ball is super big and can support his weight,but Ryan scared..kept telling me..later he felt down.
Even during shower time, he wanted his ball to keep him accompany in the bathroom.
Okie...to let him happy, I allowed him to take in the big ball and we showered the ball too. Having so much fun in the bathroom.

After showering, he played with the big ball in the bedroom while I busy snapping some pictures. He did some cute poses in front of my camera and moving non-stop.So hard to capture nice pictures of Ryan nowadays.He just can't stand or sit still...like cacing(little worm) ....moving around.
It was time to nap and he demanded to sleep with his big ball. I noticed Ryan like to sleep with his new toys and it happened lots of time...sometimes he even hug his new toy sleep soundly.
But for this big ball,he is not able to hug it because it is super BIG for him.

Monday, October 18, 2010

For all Facebook friends...

I was joining a facebook contest organised by SABAH TEA few days ago and I am aiming
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Thanks friends !!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Big Baby...

Ryan has been asking me to let him bath using the bath tub which I have kept it in store room, I have stopped letting him use the bath tub since Ryan can walk well. Ryan wants to swim inside the bath tub.
Ok..since only that bath tub is big enough to fit him, I let him play water inside the bath tub and
he enjoyed it alot. He even took some of his toy & put inside the bath tub .
I let him have some fun there before I continue to bath him clean.

Although the bath tub is bit small for him to move around, but seeing his happy face playing with water, I also feel happy.
Maybe I should consider to let Ryan learn swimming in future.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I hate this BUG...

When cough bug strike one of us at home....I just hate it and wanna get rid of it.
Then here comes the MEDICINE to cure the cough and this time , Ryan is getting
cough bug again. These was his 3rd time getting cough bug for this year.
OMG....what happen to Ryan? He seem easily fall sick after attending nursery.
Should I consider to change him to another school?...Maybe...???
I guess Ryan has a poor immune system,that is why he is easily kena cough or flu bug.

Yesterday night, I noticed Ryan's voice started to change a little bit...not as usual and I
let him drink plenty of water to clear his throat.
I kept asking him whether he has a sore throat and he told me "NO NO",ok...at least, he still
has appetite to eat and stay active.
This morning, he woke up as usual...then I started to hear him cough with lot of phelgm.
Oh gosh.....Cough bug is attacking him. He did not cough often ,but then I can hear the
phelgm in his throat everytime when he cough.
Faster get him eat cough medicine and after sending him off to school, I rushed to Dr.Law's clinic to get a box of MUCOLATOR(medicine to clear phelgm)- it consist of 6 small packs and Ryan need to eat 2 packs per day. Most of the time, when Ryan was sick,...I will let him eat medicine that I have standby at home for at least 2 days, if show no recovery sign,only then I will bring him for a doctor. Sometimes, I even know what medicine the doctor is going to give...Oh...Mummy is a 'home doctor' too...that is because Ryan has been checked in to Dr.Law almost every month since he started his nursery class.

Hope after the home medication, Ryan will gets better...
Takecare everyone !!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Toy and New Sandal..

Ryan has been fancied on animal toy lately and yesterday he went back home with a
small tiger toy(That tiger toy is belong to school and I only knew he went put inside his bag when we reached home...Has reminded him not to bring back any toys belong to school..or else it will be a very bad habit).

So....today I decided to buy him an animal toy( a reward for being good boy at home), after fetching him back from school, we have our lunch at home first before heading to nearby supermarket to get the toy.
At first, Ryan took the animal toy and said " I want this",got lion,tiger,etc...but a moment later,
he felt more interested in the fishing set which hang on the rack and they are few type of fishing game set. At last , I asked him which one he prefer : fishing set or animal toy?.....
You guess.....what he want?....He said " I want fishing set", can play later which having his bath.
Okie..since he prefer the fishing set, he chose one of it and we went to cashier for payment.

Before we walked to the car, we passed by a small section which are having sales...everything in RM10 and it was crowded,but I managed to squeeze in and I saw this Mickey sandal...so cute, actually I have seen this sandal before in the Sunday Market,but then I did not buy it.
Lucky, I never buy that time because now the supermarket is selling even cheaper with the same design and material.(looks like crocs,but not crocs la..).I let Ryan try and he also like it.
Therefore, I Got a pair of new Mickey sandal for Ryan and I choose bigger size since current sandal he is wearing is in fine condition.

I did saw some t-shirt and short pant on sales too,but it was too crowded and I prefer to go back there again tomorrow morning myself,without Ryan.I can shop easily with Ryan tagging along.
So..tomorrow will be another shopping day for me.
**Happy weekend**