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Friday, January 15, 2010

Ryan falls sick again...

In less than a week, my poor Ryan falls sick again, having fever and throat infection.
Ryan just been to school on last Monday...everythig went smoothly,no crying for the past 3 days,till yesterday morning he cried when I dropped him off to school.
After his teacher persuaded,he was fine. Around 10am, I received a call from his teacher that Ryan was having a fever,I faster drove to school & fetched him back home.
Since my fridge still have PCM,let him take the medicine & rest.Till dinner time,his fever still there,I was bit worried & decided to bring him to Dr.Law again.
Spent RM39 for 3 medicine + consultation fee.

During midnight, fever was not subsided yet,but Ryan still can sleep.I pasted "bye bye fever" on his forehead the whole night,it helped to bring down his body temperature.
This morning, I measured his temp..bit high 37.8', So gave him fever medicine again & "bye bye fever". Till now,his body temp has back to normal.

As for the school, I have phoned the principal to inform him about the discountinuing of class for this coming 2 weeks. I will send Ryan back to school in Feb 2010.

Hope Ryan will recover soon !!