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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Acne remover

I was visiting my friend last week and we were chit chatting about our daily life, our kids and also about our skin.
My friend told me that she is suffering from Acne on her neck for the past few months. She feel embarrasing,depressing and low self esteem because of this sickness. She has been seeking for treatment,but it shows very slow recovery.
What is neck acne?..It is basically caused by the pores getting clogged due to a build-up of cells inside pores which stick together and cause a plug. These pores can burst, causing redness and pus to develop.Irritation can also aggravate neck acne.
So I am browsing online for some information on neck acne and came across Acne Remover
book. It provide a complete information on what food help and reduce the acne and what to do with acne problem. I quickly recommended this book to my friend and she is happy to get to know about this book. It definitely help her a lot to cure her acne.

Shoe Shoe..

Chinese New year is coming soon...another 2 more days and I still can't find any suitable shoes for this Chinese New year.
Suddenly it strike my mind to buy shoes online..it is more convenience & I can get the shoes I want at my doorstep.
I came across a website named Toricks, they are selling all type of ladies shoes.
Their design are great and the most important the price is reasonable too.
After browsing through their pages, I like Pewter mid heel sandals. The design is very nice and the most important it is suitable for pant and skirt usage. So what to wait...let's make my order at the shoes online UK and hope I can get my order before Chinese New Year.

Happy Birthday, Ryan ...

The clock just striked 12 midnight and it is 1st Feb 2011.... Yeah....Ryan is officially 4 years old today and while I am writing this post, he is just having his night sleep. Since there is no school for this whole week, I allow him play bit late and let him enjoy his night time.
So any birthday celebration for this year?.... Just a simple one....will cook few dishes for dinner followed by cake cutting.
Since last month, Ryan has told me that he want to have birthday cake with spiderman and a car on top of the cake. So I ordered the cake exactly like what he wants.I will collect the birthday cake tomorrow afternoon from the bakery.
As for the birthday present, we bought him a blocks and Ryan is so happy. He can create all sort of cars,ships,etc....with his new toy.
Will upload Ryan' s birthday photo in my next post..Stay Tune !!