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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Real Estate in Florida

I was chatting with one of my old mate who residing in USA few days ago, she has married there for more than 5 years. Her husband plan to get a house Florida area and she was told by the agent that Winter Park is one of the nicest area in the state of Florida.
Winter park florida real estate is actually one of the first planned communities. The area is very convenient as many good restaurants,shops, museums and 100 different golf courses are around this area.The best part is Winter park florida real estate is very close to downtown Orlando area. And for those who like to have weekend picnic for whole family,it is just few minutes drive to Tampa and Daytona Beach. The place is suitable for bike rides too.

The most influence reason why my friend want to move to Florida is that they do not have any state income taxes and the property tax rates in Winter Park are always below the national average.
At this moment, my friend is yet to decide what kind of house to buy, it can be range from Winter Park condos that cost from millions of dollars to one bedroom apartments and homes that are modest to ones in the million dollar range.
I do hope one day I will have a chance to visit her once she has settled down in the state of Florida.

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