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Monday, November 8, 2010

Business Directory

Due to high living standard,there is a need for me to look for a job to earn extra money for my family. After being a full-time housewife since I gave birth to my son, probably now is the time for me to join the workforce again...Hopefully, I am not out from this society world which I have left for the past 4 years.
Not easy to get a suitable job,but I am telling myself,not to give up. As long as I have strong determination, sure I can do it.
While surfing online for some job vacancies, I came across this Business Directory which provide very useful information of different business links like accouting, finances,jobs,and so on.
I have bookmarked this website and will hop on to this website for my future references.
It is my pleasure to share this useful information with my bloggers' friends here.


Not a good day for me because Ryan was sick again last Saturday..This time , he was having throat infection + fever Again(exactly same last 2 weeks ago's sickness).
What happened is last saturday I still sent him to school as he did not show any sickness symptons in the morning, no calls from teacher for the whole morning...only when I fetched him around noon time, I could sense Something has happened to Ryan again as he looks weak and no mood. He did not even touched the food I prepared for him and no smile on his face when he saw me at school(which is not his usual act).
Faster rush back home and BINGO...he has no appetite to eat for lunch..only few scoops of noodles and a bowl of barley water. Fed him fever + antibiotic(which he is supposed to have it ...an advice from doc to finish the whole bottle of antibiotic). That Saturday, Ryan has a quick nap. He woke up around 2 pm....still has slight fever, no mood. Then he got back to sleep again....and around 3.40pm...his fever started to shoot up. Not to wait, faster rush him to doctor since the doct clinic is closing at 4.30pm. Just drove out from home less than 3 minutes, Ryan vomitted inside the car....aiyah...has to rush back home to get him changed...Lucky my mil was at home and lastly she accompanied me and Ryan to the clinic. No more vomitting session inside the car...
Doctor was curious to saw Ryan again and asking me what happened to Ryan? I told him..should be throat infection + fever. Doct said ...Ryan's throat is swollen + red and it is bit weird that he will get it as he is still taking the antibiotic. Ryan suggested to let Ryan has an injection for speedy recovery as he got the same sickness within a week time...pretty short duration. And this time, the throat looks more teruk..So ryan was having an injection + suppository as his fever has reached 39 at that point of time. Ryan was having the same medicine as his last 2 weeks ago....and I have to monitor his condition closely...there is possibility to come back for 2nd injection if no recover sign after 24 hours.

At saturday midnight, as expected fever came back on and off....12midnight, I gave him a suppository as fever started to shoot up and followed by fever medicine at 3am. Then he slept till next morning and woke his daddy up at 7.10am. Have his milk and he looked slightly better. The whole sunday morning, he looked fine...we just stayed at home for whole sunday..no outing.
Around 11am...his fever started to come back...slight fever 37.4, faster fed him another dose of fever medicine and Ryan was having porridge for his lunch(glad that he likes porridge suddenly...no rejection and showed good appetite).He can play as normal.....
Only after waking up from his nap....has slight fever,that was around 5pm...another dose of fever medicine, then he looked active and even joined his daddy washing the car at the yard.
During dinner time, he can eat as normal (rice + fish+ vegetable)....and I was monitoring his condition very closely. Have to wake up every hour to monitor his body temperature.

For this whole month, Ryan will be resting well at home ( as per doctor's advices ) for 100 % recovery,before he started his school routine. So it means I will be busier at home for this whole month entertaining Ryan 24/7.

Hope Ryan will get well soon.....!!