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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wish & Win - from Coca Cola MY

Can you spot Ryan in that picture? .....

Last night, I was so happy...did i strike 4d? I wish too..but no,still no luck in 4d.
While browsing through Facebook, I caught my FB's friend was tagging my name on her status...But I still did not confirm whether I really won it until I really go to the website and check it out.
Yes...I won a limited edition set of 6 coca-cola can glasses. I came across this contest from one of my FB's friend. He knew that I missed out one of the coke glass from MacDonalds (green colour) and he recommended me to join this contest. No harm to try my luck.Unfortunately for the past two weeks, I have no luck to win,but I am telling myself,never give up.
And on the 3rd week...I saw Ryan's picture was posted on the website.So happy I am....and of course, my hubby was quite happy too as he is a Coca-Cola collector.

Can't wait to receive this prize..!!