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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Dish - EggPlant

I believe everybody see EggPlant before. This is Ryan's new dish for tonight. I have been wanting to let him try out this vege, but just worry he does not like it. Last weekend, I decided to buy some eggplants to let him try. But then another problem raised up...how to cook the eggplant? Normally my mum will cook with chilly,etc...in spicy style. But for Ryan, of course, I can't put any chillies.
I decided to add some carrots & marinated chicken breast meats to the eggplants...it smells nice and Ryan can sapu whole bowl of rice + eggplants finish during his dinner. I feel happy that my efforts did not wasted, Ryan like to eat eggplant.

As for his breakfast & lunch , I cooked cucumber porridge(with chicken meat) for today. He can finish up the whole bowl too.Good boy!!

Tomorrow is another new day....I will cook : corn porridge(breakfast+lunch),celery tofu(dinner).

*Happy Wednesday*