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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Neno Award

Thank you so much to Sha & KC for this award.

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10 Most inspired & Most friendly blogs:
Kristie,PohYing,Agnes Khoo,Nicole, Suying,Linda,Peiwun,Yugene,Queenie,ShiokFunn,YeeLing

My New Horse

** A present from Grandma **
Ryan like playing with the horse,he will say ' yau yau yau' while riding the horse. The horse has 2 functions : rock like a rocking chair & use leg to ride/move the horse around.

Put on a Tie

Ryan likes to play with new thing..whenever he saw something new in the drawer or table, he will grab & play with it. One day, I took out measuring tape to measure his height...he was curious on the long long thing that I took out from the drawer. After measuring his height, he asked for this measuring tape,then he climbed to the bed & try to think what he could do with this measuring tape.He tried to put on his neck and it seem like he was trying to put on a tie.Of course, he did not know how to do it. He was keep trying n trying....Looking at him so enjoy playing the measuring tape, just let him play for awhile while I was busy taking his pics.