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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Day of Cauliflower

Can't see the cauliflower in above pic as I cut into very very small pieces.

Yesterday morning, I cooked Cauliflower porridge for Ryan as his breakfast + lunch.
For his dinner, I used cauliflower with Japanese Tofu' & 'tomatoes' & 'fishballs'. Actually, I wanna added some carrots, too bad my fridge is out of stock for carrot, therefore I replaced with tomatoes. Ryan like to eat tomatoes alot.
As usual, I used marinated chicken breast meat for the sweetness.In order for Ryan to chew the cauliflower easily, I cut them into small pieces.
No MSG on Ryan's food, just add bit of salt & mushroom seasonings powder.
I am so happy that Ryan can finish up his dinner in 15 mins time.....pretty fast for him.

I have thought for tomorrow menu :
meesuah soup(breakfast),king mee soup(lunch) & lotus root soup(dinner).

Another weekend for Ryan ... hope he will like to menu arrangement I have made for him.