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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lotus Root Porridge

Lastnight I was keep thinking what to cook for Ryan this morning as his breakfast & lunch ?? For the past 2 days, he was having meesuah chicken soup. Let's open up the fridge and check out what vege left inside the fridge...Oh, I saw lotus root. I remember I did read about Lotus Root porridge recipe . I wanna give a try to Ryan .... not sure he will like it or not.

After cutting the lotus root into small pieces, put them into boiling water, add wolfberries and red dates. I used chicken breast meat to add the sweetness to the soup. Cooked for 45mins. For your info, lotus roots are still crunchy after cooking for 45mins. Therefore I decided not to put the lotus root into the porridge when I cooked the porridge this morning.Kept the lotus root soup overnight.

This morning, I used this soup base to cook the porridge for Ryan. I did added in the chicken breast meat,wolfberries and red dates into the porridge too. It turns out to have a very sweet taste for the porridge. Ryan loves to eat these porridge too.

Sorie no picture for sharing this time as I was too busy & forget about it. Will do it next time!