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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our best time in Medan

Last month, we went back to Medan for almost a month (from 11Nov-9Dec 2012). Ryan was so happy and the first thing strike his mind after we reached Medan was going to TimeZone at Sun Plaza to play arcade games. I believe most kids like to play game in arcade and Ryan was hooked to car racing game.However, I restricted him only to play less than 3x per visit ... or else, I will have to spent lot of $$ on his arcade game.

Ryan was playing his car racing game @Chimmon (Cambridge)

Ryan was playing Lego @Cambridge with his cousin YiXin

X'mas decoration @Cambridge

Our usual hang out places in Medan are either Sun Plaza or Cambridge.For me, I prefer to go Sun Plaza, at least more shops around and have more things to see and eat. As for Cambridge, normally I will only go there for the Haagen - Dazs ice cream , have my family dinner at the Grand Duck King Restaurant or let Ryan play at the Chimmon (of course, Ryan will play with his car racing game again...).
Haagen-Dazs @Cambridge

The Grand Duck King Restaurant @ Cambridge