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Friday, May 18, 2012

Something Red from my kitchen

Beetroot....did you guys like to eat beetroot? For me and Ryan, both of us like to eat beetroot so much. Normally I will cook beetroot soup with either chicken or porkribs,added some carrots...it really taste good.

The other day, I have few beetroots in my fridge and I came across this recipe "beetroot butter cake". Trying to look for the ingredients needed...lucky my kitchen has everything that was needed to make this cake. Then...here started my baking project "Beetroot butter cake". After busying in my kitchen for more than an hour.......at last my butter cake is ready.

The outcome is not that good, the cake is bit too soft and the top of the cake is over-baked.
Need to improve my baking skills.

Lastly,Wishing all my bloggers' friends "have a nice weekend".