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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

School holiday again...

At last I am back to my blog after missing in action for about a week.
Well, this month Ryan will have a few school holiday started from tomorrow onwards.
This morning when I sent Ryan to school, I saw the notice board have an announcement about the school holiday for this month of April. The school holiday is on 4th,6th,9th and 11th....(4 days in a month).
Good...Ryan must be very happy, can play n play and no need to wake up early for school.
For me, I also feel happy,meaning I no need to wake up so early too(oh no....lazy mom).

Till now, we have no plan for this school holiday yet,we just spend our quality time at home doing some revision.
We are looking forward for the coming Gawai holiday whereby we are going to the Lion City (S'pore) for a short holiday trip.

Stay tuned for my next post.....!!