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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ryan is Sick...again.

Ryan started to have cough two days ago,not frequent cough,but I noticed there is phelgm in his throat. Probably it due to his flu while we were in Medan.
Yesterday morning, me n hubby brought Ryan to Dr.Law,I am so proud of Ryan that he did not cry at all when we entered the clinic.(which he used to cry before we entered the clinic last time). When doct checked his throat, he sat quietly on my lap. According to doct, nothing serious. Pescribed him medicine to clear his phlegm.
This morning, Ryan supposed to attend his 1st day class,but I decided to let him rest well at home as he developed runny nose too.Taking goodcare of his health is much more important than allowing him to attend half day class(at taska).

Hope Ryan will gets well soon !!!