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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perfect present

I always get a headache when someone gave me an invitation to a birthday party..what is the best present to be given to the birthday boy/girl?
In the first place, I will set a budget and would think of the present that can be used by the birthday person in future.
Last week, I received an invitation card to attend my son's friend birthday party on this weekend..normally for kids, it is very easy to get a present...a toy or school's stuffs.
For this time, I want to get the birthday boy something special. What do you think of personalized a kids backpack or personalized a nap mats? Both are very unique present and the best part is the kids backpack style has a matching lunch tote,snack square and nap mat.
What I like most is the Mint nap mats which are padded and lined with nylon and cotton with a ribbon trimmed, soft, fleecy attached blanket. They are perfect for younger children and toddlers. The price are quite reasonable too.
While browsing through the online website PosyLane, I came across that they are doing a new business called North Dallas Embroidery.They are giving a reasonable price and unreasonably great services to their clients.

For those who are looking for any perfect gifts for children,let's check out PosyLane.com.

Not A good sign...

Why do I say so..? Because Ryan falls sick again..another fever attack and tonight I have brought him to see Dr.Law and as usual another tonsilitis attack. As for the medicine, an antibiotic and fever medicine.
This morning, I still sent Ryan to school as he looks active and just having slight fever,so after a dose of fever medicine, we set off to RJ Kindee and I did informed the teacher to pay xtra attention in case his fever did shot up,but lucky, he was doing fine for the whole morning. Only during dinner time, he showed no appetite to eat and I knew it was time to visit a doctor for speedy recovery as we are going off for Medan trip next week.
Hope Ryan will recover soon.......as we are looking forward for the next week trip.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Freebies from Enfa & Giant

Yesterday while browsing the SinChew newspaper for Giant advertisement, I saw there was a promotion for Enfakid Rm33.99 for 650 grams.Be it, I don't read Mandarin newspaper ( a banana...don't understand Mandarin words at all)but I like to browse through the advertisement.
Quickly drove to Wisma Sanyan to grab the milk formula Enfakid. When I was at the milk formula rack, I saw this notice mentioned "purchase of Enfa product Rm138 and above will entitle for a free bag". From the picture, it looks like the bag is not bad and I like one of the colour (blue colour bag).
Asked the Giant staff whether the bag still have stock or not before I make my puchases,lastly I grabbed 6 boxes of Enfakid and got the free bag. There have 3 different colours for the bag,but I chose blue colour(more suitable for Ryan).Since we are going for travelling soon,this bag might be suitable to put Ryan's stuffs.

I am not sure whether is this promotion is going on in West Malaysia Giant. It seem this promotion is tied up between Mead Johnson and Giant because I don't see this promotion at other local supermarket in Sibu.

This is how the bag looks like...nice tak?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Network marketing

Before setting up a business, we need to have a proper plan on what business to do, doing some
research and how to market the business and make the business work well.
Here come and dropby this website "work with John Womack". John Womack is an Attraction Marketing coach in the Network Marketing industry.
You guys might be wondering what is exactly network marketing means? It is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods.

Of course, to make a business grow well and success, alot of hardship is needed and once the business has earned money,the life will be more easier to handle.
Some of the recommended tools/resources to build up a business that adopted by John Womack : Create your own personal attraction as a leader,set up video marketing ,getting the right sales method to attract endless leads and customers to you regardless of what business you are in and lastly set the right budget.

To learn more on this network marketing strategy, let's dropby your message to John Womack on his website and in the next 24-48 hours, you will receive his respond.

Monday, March 21, 2011

First Day school....

After having a break for one week,Today 21 March 2011 is the first day school for Ryan.Last night, I told him that tomorrow morning has to wake up early and wear uniform to school,then he told me " mummy, don't want go school "..oh..when I heard him said so..I was thinking, will he cry tomorrow morning when I wake him up to school.
But lucky this morning, he did not make any noise when daddy wake him up for milk and get ready for school.
What happened is.... I overslept till around 7.05...actually I set my alarm at 6am,but then I switched it off and continue go back to my dreamland for another 1 hour...I was jumping down from my bed when suddenly I really the sky is getting brighter..oh no....I was late !!

Not to wait further,faster get ready all my routine morning activities and by 7.45am, we went out from school and of course, Ryan was bit late to school today. I felt happy when he never showed me a sad face and joined his friends for the singing session,He even waved BYE BYE to me... Good boy !!
And the whole morning, I couldn't wait to pick him up from school and wanted to know how he is doing at school today, the teacher told he,Ryan was doing fine...I felt happy..!!

Another two more weeks...Ryan will be having his another break from school (my own holiday break) as we are travelling back to my hometown...start counting my days........another 14 days to go.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Concrete Polishing

The other day,while meeting with one of my house contractor,they suggested to get the polished concrete on the main floor of our new house. The contractor introducing this company called Concrete Art-FX. This company do offer decorative concrete floor options that are environmentally sustainable choices with rich visual appeal of natural polished concrete that resembles natural stone, to highly polished concrete that looks very similar to terrazzo with optional choice of deep colour penatrating earth tones polished concrete dyes infused directly into the polished concrete surface for a unique one of kind floor.They also processed concrete into a naturally polished concrete floor finish, to a satin or high gloss finishes obtained with premium concrete coatings to enhance appearance and durability of decorative concrete stained floor or resurfaced concrete projects.Concrete Art-FX employed one of the best technology in concrete polishing system called HTC superfloor system to produce various grades of polished concrete.
As for the maintenance, this company do provide scheduled periodic polished concrete maintenance program to keep the polished concrete floor shiny as the day they were originally polished. Superb service !!

Another way to make the house floor looks different is by having concrete staining process. Concrete staining is a permanent,durable,economical floor solution when properly prepared and stained and protected with quality sealers such as 100% epoxy or high end polyurethane sealer will give you a lifetime floor with low maintenance.

If you need to have Free estimation request,simply fill up their online request form with the necessary information and they will get back to you within 2 working days.

Both me and my husband are considering whether to take up the contractor's suggestion as it definitely will make our new house looks more elegant.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Something from FB

Last few weeks, I got a noted that both me and my husband won some prizes from Asia Media TV (through facebook).
My husband won special prize from Drive Angry contest while I myself won a prize from Rabbit and Friendz contest.
Unfortunately for the Drive Angry prize, we have to collect the prize personally or either send a representative to collect on our behalf.
Since I am not located at KL..I may need my friends in KL to help me to collect the prize..but who is willing to help me....? HELP HELP>......
Here comes my big helper.....a friend that I knew from Facebook named Crystal, she was kind enough to respond to my message that I updated in my Facebook account. Since she is helping her godsister to collect her prize at the same location,so I tumpang her at the sametime.
And yesterday, she called me up to inform me that she will courier the prizes and also included some angpow packets for me. Thanks lot Crystal for the angpows....they definitely add to my collection.
And today, I received the parcel from the courier service man..

Monday, March 14, 2011

Application for Msia PR

This morning, I went down to Immigration office with my husband and Ryan to submit my application for Msia PR. I have been delaying the submission since last year August,at last...I got it settled.
Both me and my husband were undergoing a brief interview by the immigration staff.
I knew that it is not easy to get Msia PR and the process can take years to be done...so I don't put too much hope on it. Anyway, since I am eligible to apply for the Msia PR,just submitted and wait for the good news (hope that good news will come to me One Day...or else, I have to wait till my neck long long like giraffe...:)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Parent-Teacher Meeting Day

Yesterday 11th March 2011 was the first parent-teacher meeting day for Ryan's school and I was scheduled on 8.20am slot. I arrived on time and waited for my turn as the teacher was engaged with another parent.
I was pleased to know that Ryan is doing good in the class, so far, he can cope well with his work given by the teacher and I saw some of the work books that he did at school and art crafts.
How fast the time flies..Ryan has been attending this new school for more than 2 months.
And this coming week, Ryan will have 1 week of school holiday. We do not have any holiday plan for this school holiday.
But next month , Ryan will have a school break on his own as we are going back to Medan for
short holiday trip.
Of course for me, I can't wait for this day to come...I have been missing home badly.
Medan....here we come.....very soon!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Steamed Egg Cake

Last weekend, I have my third attempt to make steamed egg cake. I love eating steamed egg cake,not oily and the taste is great.
Since I don't have 7up and orange juice, I just substitute with 100plus and I also add few drops of vanilla essence. The aroma of the cake is great.

The recipe of steamed egg cake :

Ingredient :
125gm all purpose flour (i use cake flour)
150gm sugar
3XL eggs
1 tbsp concentrated orange juice (change to 100 plus)
1tbsp 7up (change to 100plus)

Method :
1. Sieved the flour and set aside
2. Combined the eggs and sugar,beat in high speed until foamy and fluffy.
3. Add 7up and orange juice (for my case, I add 100 plus),
Reduce the speed to low.
4. Mix the flour well and remove immediately after 10 rounds whips.
5. Steamed at high heat for approximately 30 mins.

Friday, March 4, 2011

No school for today

Today is Friday and why no school..it is also not a public holiday...why why?
Yesterday morning, when I was about of getting Ryan ready for school, i noticed his left eye were red, but he did not complain about pain and feel uneasy to see things,so I still let him go to school as normal. Throughout that whole morning, I was so worried about Ryan..whether his eyes will be swollen,become more redness,etc....(a worried mom).
But lucky when I fetched him back from school, no swollen but his eyes still look red.
At night,after taking our dinner, I decided to sent him to Dr.Law for check-up, I was so worry something has happened to his eyes.
After been waiting for more than half an hour, at last it was Ryan's turn and he got eyes drop and eye ointment to apply on his eyes.
I prayed hard that the next morning (which is today), Ryan's eyes will get better. But to my suprised, his right eye started to get red and swollen. I am wondering what is going on actually.I can see both side of his eyes are still in red...so I decided to let Ryan rest well at school..stay indoor and has less direct contact with dust and outside air.

This is his first time Ryan experiencing red and swollen eyes....hope will recover soon!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banana Cake (II)

Lastnight, I make the second attempt for baked banana cake. With the 4 bananas left in the kitchen, I got ready all the ingredients needed after finishing my dinner...then start my baking project.
This round, I did not mashed the bananas,instead, I sliced them in pieces,but I did beat them in the batter. I thought of adding perisa banana into the cake,but unfortunately,the perisa already expired.

I am very satisfied with the outcome ..it comes out like what I am expecting.
This morning,this banana cake is for my breakfast,my hubby also tried it out and said "quite nice"...even Ryan also like it and he did eat 1 big piece during his lunch.

Plan for another baking session.....probably this weekend since Ryan will have no class on Saturday and Sunday.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

PayDay loans

While waiting to fetch Ryan back home this afternoon, a man distributed some leaflet and I got one for myself too. It is basically about getting a payday loans.
Payday loans is one of the way to borrow money quickly. It is very common in the market that some financial companies do offer this service to customers. Some customers may need an urgent cash for their business or emergency uses and with this payday loans, they are able to get an instant cash into their bank account. The application process is pretty cash and almost within a day,they will get their cash once it is approved.That is why sameday loans looks attractive in the market and lot of people are fully utilised this facility. With the amount of money that they can get from the loans,they can use to expand their business or solve their financial problems.With the availability of sameday loans, it makes everyone life much more easier now.There is no hassle have to wait for few more days to get the loans approved,but you are able to get the good news instantly upon submitting your loan application. The main criteria for this loan to be approved : you are either employed or self-employed and aged 18 and above.

For certain extent,some people may have bad credit ratings in the pasta and they may worry on how to get another loan in future and that is why bad credit loans come about. But not to worry,with Early Paydays, they can offer a huge range of quick cash payday loans which some of them do not require for credit search.

Need an urgent cash, not to worry....go to Early PayDays !!