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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Very first X'mas Card...

This afternoon when I fetched Ryan back from the school... he gave me this red card,such a nice x'mas card and I was told by the teacher that this card is make for the parents.So what did Ryan contribute to this card...? He coloured his own name on behind of the car and putting those glitters on the x'mas tree. Not bad...!!

Although there is no X'mas celebration at school,but Ryan did have fun making such a nice card for Mummy & Daddy... Thanks my dear boy !!
Ryan also brought home some goodies (biscuit,chocolate,wafer,etc..)and Ryan told me...it is a small gift pack from his friend as one of his school mate is celebrating his birthday at school. I was not informed by the teacher..so no pressie for the birthday boy. Anyway...wish "the boy"...Happy Birthday..!! Ryan also ate a birthday cake at school.
Ryan's birthday is coming soon..less than 2 months... I am wondering should I make simple birthday party for him at school....Ehm....better check-up with the school's principal before his Big Day arrives.

This year, I am not going back to Medan(my hometown), this is also my very first time stay at Sibu for the month of December since I got married.All the while, I always went back to Medan for the month of December. Kinda boring....But I definitely looking forward for my next holiday trip to Medan soon...When?.........

Lastly...I wanna wish all my friends " Merry X'Mas & Happy New Year ".