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Friday, November 7, 2008

New Dish - Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushroom is a new vegetable for Ryan. This time, I cook it in the porridge together with shredded carrot and sweet corn. It will serve as Ryan 's breakfast & lunch for today. (as I updated this post on 7th Nov'08 @12.45am,so it considered as today)

Hope Ryan will like to eat this porridge *-*

Quoted from website :
Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus Ostreatus) is a fleshy, gilled mushroom growing in shelf-like fashion on wood that is a good food and promising medicinal. Protein quality is nearly equal to animal derived protein. Low fat content is mostly of the good unsaturated kind. Also contained are carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins B1, B2, plus minerals, especially iron and an antioxident. This mushroom shows activity against cancer and high cholesterol. It has shown activity in the following areas: antitumor, immune response, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibiotic.

Another porridge recipe to check it - http://kuali.com/recipes/viewrecipe.asp?r=261out : (can substitute the abalone/shitake mushroom to Oyster mushroom)