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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Second School holiday for year 2014

Time flies very fast...Now is the second school holiday for this year. It means Ryan has been in Primary 1 for half year, another half year to go... we will have our long break and we are looking forward for our holiday back to Medan.
During this school holiday, we do not have any plan at all. No holiday trip. We just have a good rest at home. As for me, I really have a good rest. Wake up slightly late from the normal time. Do some spring cleaning for my house. At least I can have a good time watching TV programme.
One week is over and we have one more week to go...after that, everything will be back to normal routine again.
For this time, Ryan managed to get a good result in his Semester 1 test. He got 1st position in class. Well done, Ryan !!!

So how is your school holiday? ....