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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Game & New Toy

Lately Ryan is getting addicted playing PS game. The PS player is belong to hubby,but since Ryan has grown up, he is allowed to play once a while.Now is school holiday and sometimes, he will keep begging to let him play longer.
Ryan likes to play those "racing car" game...I guess, that is boy's favo game.Now, he can control the car better on the racing track.Sometimes, he will ask either me or his daddy to play with him.

Last few days while doing our shopping at GIANT,hubby wanted to buy Ryan a super big lorry,but Ryan seem not interested on it. Instead he chose for a set of Mini Ultraman.

He is a fan of Ultraman.....from Max, Nexus,Mebius,Tiga,Cosmos,etc....
Hubby even downloaded some Ultraman movie for Ryan to watch on weekend.