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Monday, December 26, 2011

Back to Sibu

I was back to Medan for about 3 weeks.I really enjoy my holiday in Medan.
Eating is the best thing to do in Medan. For sure, I do put on weight everytime I went back to Medan. I could have more than 3 meals in a day....I was keep eating n eating during my 3 weeks holiday in Medan.Don't ask about my weight,but for sure I do put on weight for at least 1kgs ****

We took morning flight from Medan at 8am and arrived at KL around 10.30am. Our connection flight to Sibu is 2.10pm and we arrived in Sibu around 4.30pm. It was quite tiring sitting and waiting in the airport.
Lucky my kind MIL helped me clean out my house and cooked for us a simple dinner.After having our dinner at MIL's place, we went back home and I started to unpack all my stuffs brought back from Medan till almost midnight.
Since CNY is coming soon, I did brought yummy Kue Bawang" from Medan. It will be one of the snack for my guests on this coming CNY.If you wanna try "Kue Bawang"...dropby my house on CNY next month,ok?.....I waiting for you guys...

I also bought curry,rendang and gulai ayam paste, C&F swissroll all the way from Medan. As for my husband, he brought 2 mini racks to display his Coke Cans from ACE HARDWARE (One of the biggest furniture & hardware store in Indonesia.
And for Ryan, he received a set of Thomas & Friends playset from my brother.

The 3 of us really enjoyed out holiday alot and Ryan kept telling me...he want to study in Medan. Of course, I do wish to stay back in Medan,but it is impossible:(

Missing Medan and my family alot.....hope to go back Medan again SooN *-*