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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Virus is COMING ........ Again

I have recovered from my flu the next day I visited doctor. Yesterday night I noticed Ryan kept sniffing, his nose is bit watery inside. Oh GOSH....*** don't tell me Ryan kena flu virus from me. I checked out the fridge for flu medicine...oh oh..... don't have. Since his condition is not that bad, he still can played the whole night actively. So I will see how his condition tomorrow. Last night he slept very late almost 12 midnite.
This morning Ryan woke up around 9am, he still look active and sometimes will sniff. So after taking his breakfast, I just use warm water to wipe clean his body and change clothes for him.
Everything is fine with him...he played as usual, his appetite also no change. But I still worry coz flu can lead to other sickness too. So tonight after dinner, hubby & I brought Ryan to Dr.Law's clinic. Same time I asked doctor about rashes appeared on Ryan's faces. I noticed the rashes appeared since chicken pox injection. According to doctor, rashes is caused by skin allergics..nothing to do with chicken pox injection. So I better pay full attention on Ryan's foods recently..wanna see what food that caused his skin allergic, will it be egg/peanut/titbits/french fries,etc....???

Dr.Law prescribed 2 skin creams + 2 liquid medicine (for flu + allergy) for Ryan.It cost RM48 for whole medication. Daddys wallet have another big hole again(within a week spent RM100 for Ryan + Mummy). After reach home, I feed Ryan the medicine. Lucky he did not make noise while taking his medicine. I pretend drinking the medicine and said: Ryan, it taste like Scotts Emulsion....you see mommy also eat lol. Then he opened his mouth and drink the medicine + water. Good Boy, Ryan!!

Hope Ryan will recover soon !!