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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yakult.......I love it !!

I remembered well my first time having Yakult was during my university time in Singapore. It was a sunny day and I went to my campus canteen for a drink. The first thing that caught my eyes was a bottle of Yakult..I was wondering how is the taste like,since I never drink Yakult before.
Quickly grabbed a bottle ,make the payment and gave it a try...Oh....it taste Good.
Since then, I started to stock up a pack of Yakult in my fridge..it is my favourite drink which do good to my body system.
Constipation is one of the problem that I encountered in my life, I noticed after drinking Yakult, my constipation problem is gone.
One day, I googled to find more information about Yakult & found this useful information on how Yakult works well for our body system :
- Yakult helps to  regulate our bowel movement to avoid constipation and diarrhea
- Yakult helps to  maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria in our intestines
- Yakult helps to reduce production of toxins in our body
- Yakult helps to  enhance our body's immunity to reduce risk of infections and reoccurrence of cancer cell.

Since I moved back to Sibu, I was having a hard time getting Yakult from local supermarket, I have visited quite a number of supermarkets,but there is no avail of Yakult brand in their beverage section. Until one day, Giant Hypermart was opened in Sibu and I went there for  shopping. While walking through their beverage section, I saw Yakult was displayed on the rack.Not to wait, I grabbed 2 packs of Yakult into my shopping trolley.  So happy ... at last, I can drink Yakult daily which definitely give a good effect for my body.

Yakult is not only my favourite drink,my son Ryan also loves to drink Yakult. Everyday after taking his lunch, he will drink a bottle of Yakult, which keep him stay healthy and no more constipation problem.

Ryan enjoying his mee goreng with a bottle of Yakult

From the website, I noticed that Yakult is providing a "Home Delivery" service to their customers,I am not sure whether this service is available for Sibu area....anyway, I have submitted my enquiry online about this issue and hope to get a reply from Yakult company soon.

Drinking Yakult daily will help to top up our beneficial bacteria. Always stay healthy with Yakult!!

Lastly, for those bloggers' friend who  have a great experience with Yakult, do join this "Blog and Win with Yakult" contest. For more information on the contest, please click here.

Good Luck @@@