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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, April 13, 2009

At last I 'm BACK ***

I was unable to online,surf net,check emails,update blog for the past few days(let 's me recall back when my internet was down) since 9 April '09. I remembered well that day Hubby did not bring his laptop to shop,so I was enjoying surfing net and msn chat with my frens..out of sudden , the network was cut down.First I thought is my laptop issue, maybe laptop fall sicks again. I restart the whole process so many times,...still the same, no result at all.At last , I got the confirmation that the internet network was down at my housing area(dunno caused by wat).
Both me n hubby feel so handicapped coz we get used to surfing net when we are free.Now we can't do anything except watching TV,playing with Ryan(that's our routine),bring Ryan go jalan-jalan,etc.

At last, tonight the internet network is 'Up'....horray, at last I can check up my emails ,surfing net,reading my fren's blog,updating my blog and bla bla bla.

***My NIGHT OWL hours is Coming Back***