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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Colouring Contest ( for 1Malaysia )

Last Tuesday, Ryan's teacher informed me that there will be a colouring contest on last Saturday (20/3/2013),the location is near my house(one of the shopping mall in our town). The main problem was both me and my hubby were at work. so I tried to contact my mother-in-law whether can help me to bring Ryan for this contest .
Yes...a positive answer from MIL.....enrolled Ryan for this contest and got ready all the things that he needed.

On that night,after work. my hubby went to meet up with Ryan & MIL while I was teaching at tuition school. By that time hubby reached there, Ryan was colouring half-way. He sat in the middle,so bit far to see how is his colouring's result.  Too bad they did not manage to catch a picture of what was he coloured that night.
It started from 5pm - 7pm, after that they went for dinner at Marrybrown while waiting for the result.

Around 8.30pm, the result was out from the oven......I believed every parents were getting excited with the result.
It started from Kindergarten level  with 10 consolation prizes........and Ryan was lucky enough to be picked as the 10th winner for consolation prize. Not a big prize , he just got a bag with some titbits.
Can u spot Ryan????..(hint : sit on the stage)

My happy boy with his prize & titbits (the sport car is Ryan's toy)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

From my kitchen : Preserved Rosella

I only know about this Rosella during my stay with my in-laws. My MIL brought some dried rosella home and according to her, it can also be called as "RiBeNa".
For me, the taste is bit bitter compared to Ribena juice(the one that sell in supermarket),so I always add more sugar to have the sweetness taste ..... I love this rosella drink.

So after moving to my own house, my husband planted some rosella trees at the backyard and it has harvested for few times in a year.

What I normally do is remove the receptacle from the rosella, then wash them and let them dry under the sun for a week. Once they are dried up,then just store in container and keep in the fridge.  It is  a refreshing drink especially during the hot weather.

dried rosella

 I always think what else can I do with those rosella.....can I make it as a jam or preserved it or even make  a cake with rosella?

Once, I tried to make a rosella jam and it taste not bad,but too bad Ryan did not like it. Only me and hubby love the rosella jam.

The next project is to preserve rosella...Just wondering how is the taste like. I found one great recipe on preserved rosella...and I did it. The result : it taste not bad,sweet and crunchy.

preserved rosella

Let's me share the recipe here :

Fresh rosella     110 gr (more or less)
salt                    7 gr
sugar                30 gr, 15 gr, 15 gr , 20gr

1. Remove the receptacle from the fresh rosella. Wash and ait the flowers dry
2. Season with salt for a day to soften the flowers. Give them a toss. ( I store in the fridge)
3. Squeeze out the salt water the next day.
4. Season with 30 gr sugar and leave in the fridge for 4 days.
    Season with another 15 gr sugar for 2 days.
    Season with 150 gr sugar for another 2 days.
    Lastly, season with 20 gr sugar. Once the sugar has melted (about 2 days later), the preserved rosella are
    ready for consumption.

After done with my preserved rosella, the next one that I want to do is baking some rosella cupcakes.

Stay Tuned...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I definitely love JULIE'S

I joined Julie's Chinese New Year contest for fun and never think of winning a prize before there are lot of entries which look very creative and nice.
As usual, I am using my husband's name to join this contest as it needed a Malaysian IC to enter a contest. Somewhere mid of March, I received a phone call from a lady calling from Julie's Biscuit company to congratulate my husband for winning "the most creative award", I was so surprised as I did not expect can win a single prize from that contest. And I was told to wait for my prize to be shipped from Melaka and it takes time to reach me ( about 2-3 weeks).

So last Friday, I went to collect the prize ... 2 big bags of assorted Julie's biscuit.
Thanks lot Julie's Biscuit for this great prize.

My house in now loaded with lot of biscuits...Munchy's Chocolate biscuits (which I won last year from Munchy's contest),some biscuits from CNY's hamper, Julie's biscuit and lately I also won 1 month supply of Jacob's biscuit, but I am yet to receive my Jacob's prize. Really have to drink plenty of water to kill the heatiness of eating too much biscuits.