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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drypers Parents' Circle

Yesterday around noon time, my house bell rang and I saw a courier van outside the gate..just wondering whose parcel is it...Oh...the courier man called my name and I was curious as I never ordered anything nor expected any parcel for me. Because It is a big box,so I have to open up the gate.
I saw the consignment note..it was from SCA....oh, it must be some free diapers and mystery gifts from SCA.
Quickly have our lunch and Ryan could not wait to open up the box....

What I received ......

These are some token of appreciation being selected as one of their Star Letter for July-Sept 2010 and Oct-Dec 2010 issues of Dyrpers Parent circle....Thanks SCA for the prizes.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Skin Beauty

Taking care of my skin is very essential and I believe all women want to have smooth and silky skin especially on their face. I met my old classmates last week and we talked about some skin products that we used and one of my classmate has very smooth skin. She told us that she has been using the skin product called Meaningful Beauty.She has been using these products for the past few years and she really feel the different after changing her skin care products to these brand.

These skin care products come with complete set from cleaning,protecting,restoring,revitalizing and lastly purifying our skin.
The best part is they offered 60 day money back guarantee,meaning, if you are not satisfied with these products,simply return back the containers within 60 days of receipt and for sure you will receive the refund back of your purchase price (minus handling and shipping cost).

These amazing skin care product is used by famous super model Cindy Crawford. The anti-aging product has helped to keep her skin looks free of lines and wrinkles and she looks youthful all the time.

So what to wait? Let's try these skin care products....the magic will work on you too.

Home water filter

Since my new house is almost completed, it is time to do some simple renovation,buying some furnitures,and we may need home water filter for our new house. The other day,while I was browsing some online news, I came across Aquasana review. Aquasana is known as one of the top rated home water filtration system in America. They have a wide range of products from shower filter,countertop water filter,whole house water filter and many mores product in their website.
By having home water filter,it is a healthier, more economical and more eco-friendly way to ensure great water quality for my new home. As for their shower filters,it offered health and cosmetic benefits to end users.
Aquasana also offer these program called Water for Life where the member can enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards, free shipping on their purchase items,extended product warranty and replacement cartridges auto delivered every 6 months.
It is definitely a good investment to be made for my new home.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Early birthday present

Ryan 's birthday is coming soon...another 10 more days Ryan will be 4 years old.
Last week, Ryan received his 1st early birthday present from Auntie Serene (from JB)...

So sweet of Serene to send birthday present for Ryan all the way from JB to Sibu.We got to know each other through Mamy poko forum,she is also one of my blogger's friend.

Thank you Auntie Serene for the present....

My First Baking : peanut butter cookies

For the very first time, I try to bake CNY cookies for this year. Every year,my sister will make different type of cny cookies and the most I like is pineapple and peanut butter cookies.
My sister told me that peanut butter cookies is pretty simple and easy to make. So I gave it a try last week.
Get ready all the ingredients needed and starting my 1st baking project : "peanut butter cookies"

Ingredients :
250gm peanut butter (Skippy/Lady Choice)
200gm icing sugar
400gm plain flour (sifted)
200gm corn oil
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 egg yolk (for glazing)

Method :
1. Mixed well peanut butter,icing sugar,flour,salt and vanilla essence.
2. Add in corn oil and mix to form a dough.
3. Shape into rounds and leave on lined baking trays.
4. Glaze surface with egg yolk.
5. Bake in a preheated oven at 180c for 15-20 mins. Cool well and store in airtight container immediately.

I am submitting this peanut cookies recipe to Aspiring Bakers #3: My Favorite CNY Cookie (Jan 2011).

Thursday, January 20, 2011


I miss my previous working life alot...when I was working in Singapore last time, I felt happy with my life, I can spent freely on what I earn. How good it is...Sometimes I do wish I can go back there again one day.
I remembered well that one of my ex-company has using a few cricut products. I would say this brand is pretty good especially cricut expression. Cricut expression is a way to cut letters,shapes, and phrases in impressive size by using 12"x12" mat or 12"x24" mat. it is pretty suitable for those big projects like doing scrapbook layouts, classroom decors,signage,poster and others. The best part is no computer is needed in order to operate this machine.
Of course, to operate circuit expression, you may need cricut cartridges. There are so many different type of cricut cartridges available and each of them will serve for different needs and demands that customer require. If you were to purchase the cartridges online, they do offer free shipping for purchase $99 and above....Hurry up !!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Another two more weeks, Ryan will be 4 years old.....YEAH....My little boy is a BIG BOY now.
Any celebration for his 4th birthday? Maybe....that is why I am searching for some info online and came across this Party Planners London. This company is established in year 2003 and they are providing services for children's birthday parties,hen parties,stag parties as well as company celebrations.
They do have this "spy birthday" which they have spies to open up all spy secrets,teach secret agent spying method,it is like in real movie James bond 007. Sound interesting!!
Apart from that, they do have "hen party in london",which means it is like hen party with military guys and it takes about 2 hours. How does it work?...
In this party, the military guy will steal the bride and some small play will be carried out.
Lastly is the child party service which I am more interested in.It is a fun activities for children and they have trained instructors who will supervise the children during the whole event. It is not just a fun birthday party,but also extremely fun birthday party.

And for those who celebrate their birthday on Sunday,additional discount will be offered.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Intense Grow

I did mentioned earlier that I kept my hair long during my high school. It is not easy to keep long and healthy hair. I have to monitor closely on the food that I consumed everyday,so that I will have a perfect long hair. I would say having diet for healthy hair is a must. Apart from consuming food that contain vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C,Silica,Protein,Zinc and calcium, drinking plenty of water and doing exercises will help to obtain healthy hair.

When come to washing long hair, it is best not to pile up your hair on top of your head.It will create more tangles. So the best way to wash long hair is keep your hair down and work the shampoo in from root to tip. And when come to drying up, squeeze the towel gently around your hair to absord the water.

Lastly, in order to boost up my appearance, I need to have my long hair vitamins. This vitamin will not only help my hair to grow long faster ,but my long hair will look shiny and smooth,it definitely will improve my confidence.

Hair , Skin and Nail Vitamin

Hair,Skin and Nail are three important elements in our life,especially for women. They wish to have beautiful hair, smooth skin and strong nails.
It same goes to me...I want these three elements stay good always,it definitely boost up my appearance.
Yesterday, I was chatting with my friend online about my hair, since I gave birth to my son. I can feel that I encountered hairs drop and my hair is getting thinner and thinner.
My friend told me that I need Hair skin and nail vitamins,which works 3 in 1 and give best result within one month time.
She recommended me this product called Purvana Hair Skin and Nail vitamin. It is a herbal supplement that helps to achieve thicker full hair,healthier skin and stronger nails. This product is amazing..why do i say so? Because without applying any gel ,lotion or shampoo, you will achieve positive result by just taking one capsule of vitamin a day. Furthermore, it is very convenient to obtain this product...just buy online & give it a try!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hair Treatment

Chinese New Year is coming soon....in less than 3 weeks time. Some people are busy buying Chinese New Year goodies,some are thinking what hair style for this year.
For me, I will still maintain my long hair which has been with me for more than 15 years.
Having a long hair also require some maintenance to be done in order to have silky and healthy hair.
One of my friend recommended Emu Oil Shampoo to me . It helps to turn those damaged hair into silky and healthy hair. I would say this shampoo is quite suitable for my hair type.
I do need Black Hair vitamins for my long black hair. This hair supplement is made of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanical oils. The best part is this hair supplement carried a 45 day money back guarantee.

Some Gifts..

At last, I am back to blogging world again...lately I was super busy... I guess I was busy with facebook-ing, doing house chores.....and what else...joining some contests(hope to win some prizes)

Just wanna update three gifts I received through Facebook.

Thanks to AAF for the nice car boot organiser...I won their small quiz game.

Thanks to IN Publishers Malaysia...I won 4 tickets to Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology 2011 @ Kuching...Too bad I won't be able to attend that function.

Thanks to Sunsweet Malaysia...I won hamper Rm50 from Shout & Win contest.

Same time, I am looking forward for Ryan's 4th birthday..very soon...another 14 days to go..

*Happy Sunday*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oral - B 5000 toothbrush

Since young, I have trained my son to brush his teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and at night before goes to bed. It has been his habit now to brush his teeth and we enjoy doing it together. Same time we will sing a "brushing teeth" song.....so fun !!
Getting the right toothbrush is very important as it helps to clean my teeth throughly and I also feel comfortable using it. I always choose those toothbrush with soft brushes. There are plenty of toothbrush brands available in the market ,but choose carefully for the right toothbrush to suit your needs.

Lately, my friend recommended to me Oral-B 5000
professional care toothbrush with smart guide.
What is so special about this oral-B 5000 toothbrush?.....
- feel gentle on teeth and gum
- it comes with 5 different modes : daily clean, deep clean,whitening, sensitive and massaging.
- it comes with travel case, so pretty convenience to bring for travelling.

After full consideration,I plan to buy one for myself ... and for those who are interested , let's place your order for Oral-B 5000 toothbrush at a great price from Nydentalstore.


When I was young, my hair was short and I always wanted to have a long hair,but due to hot weather, I have to keep my hair short. When I saw my sister tied up her long hair with pretty hair bands, I really envy her alot. At last, during my high school, I decided to keep my hair long.
At first , I feel shy to tie up my hair,but at last I gave in and I definitely love my long hair, it required longer hair vitamins for my long hair to grow healthier and looks shining.
Hair supplements is definitely a must for my long hair to get enough nutrition. Till now, my hair is growing healthy and beautiful.
Lately my sister recommended me Helix's fast hair vitamin. It is one of the best hair vitamin. It helps to stimulate natural hair growth for longer and healthier hair.
So let's try Helix-HX hair product for your better look!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ryan's new pose....

Few days ago, I was playing with Ryan in the bedroom and suddenly I thought of snapping some pictures of Ryan,quickly grabbed my camera and Ryan started his cute pose.

Here it is ....

Ryan's gaya...ala Ultraman....I guess he watched too much Ultraman Show from Astro Ceria.
I only know that there are many different type of Ultraman shows : ultraman max, ultraman Mebius, Ultraman 8 brothers, ultraman cosmos, ultraman zeath,etc...
With astro Max at home, I can record all those shows anytime for Ryan and he can re-watch again in future.
I do agree that I also enjoy watching Ultraman show with Ryan.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring is basically a recruitment tool that marketers can used online to generate more leads and targetted traffic without meeting people face to face. The main principal for marketers to get success is that they have to promote their products to the right people. Therefore pushing too hard the products to the wrong people may just wasting time.
That is how Magnetic Sponsoring tools come about to help those marketers to direct their product to the right people,getting more leads and thus increase the income earning.
I would say Magnetic Sponsoring books are all about providing values. It does provide many marketing examples which will give more values to your prospects.
By reading the Magnetic Sponsoring review, a network marketers are able to develop the posture of leaders, thus it help to expand their business online instead of just offline.
For conclusion, Magnetic sponsoring Books are one of the best book for network marketers.

Online Bingo

Anyone play online bingo Game before?...
Yesterday, I was surfing internet and suddenly I saw an advertisement on Online Bingo.
Feel curious ,so I make a click on both Free Bingo and No deposit Bingo.
There is no need to place any deposit,basically I can play any bingo games online for free.
For those who are interested to play online bingo,let's drop by those two sites...definitely you will enjoy your games.

Online Bingo is the game of Bingo played on the internet (in US and UK). There are two type of bingo game : 75 ball bingo versus 90 ball bingo. North America played 75 ball bingo,while in Europe,Australia and parts of South America, they played 90 ball bingo.

Apart from playing online bingo,the players can use the "chat feature" which is an effective retention tool, aimed especially at the predominantly female players.

No harm to give a try on the online bingo games.......Have fun !!

Medical Tourism

Nowadays,medical tourism has become quite popular and even travel companies do engaged in this service for the travellers. The companies will help to arrange the suitable doctors and hospitals for travellers based on their needs. The needs of people seeking for medical assistance in foreign countries has increasing rapidly.
Leading the medical tourism industry is India,with Thailand and Malaysia close behind.

Of course,before planning for this medical trip, getting the right medical travel insurance is a must. This medical travel insurance will reimburse the emergency medical expenses incurred when you are travelling/living in foreign countries.
For frequent travellers,it is best to have this medical travel insurance in hand.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My PlaySchool Giveaway

I guess some of you have came across My PlaySchool.Net. This website is pretty good as both the founders share their experience about home learning programme for preschool children.
And for this New Year, My Playschool.Net is organizing giveway of more than $200 worth goodies to share with their readers.

Do dropby their website on how to join this giveway contest.

Contest is open till 4th Feb 2011 and is open to all readers in Asia.

Result will be announced on 7th Feb 2011.

Hurry up...let's join !!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Day school (Year 2011)

Last Monday 3rd Jan 2011 was Ryan's first day school at Rejang Park Kindergarten. He is under Pre-K class. It starts at 8am,so we have to leave the house around 7.30am. I was pretty nervous about Ryan's first day at school. Because the environment is totally new to him, will he cry or refuse to go school when the Day comes. Lucky, he never said " don't want go to school ".
Before we left the house, hubby snapped this picture "Ryan on his school uniform"

Once we reached the school, I brought Ryan to his classroom.There are 27 students in Ryan's class. Everything is new for Ryan ,even the teacher is new to him too. Ryan was bit confused as so many new friends were crying. Since his classroom is at upstair,so when we walked up the stair, we have heard of crying voice here and there. I prayed hard that Ryan did not cry when I left him at school.Lucky he was doing fine and even waved goodbye to me.

But today...on his 4th day school, he cried when I left him inside the classroom, he kept calling "Mummy"...then I accompanied him for awhile and then I told him that "mummy will come back to fetch him again soon". Hope these crying episode will end soon...

For these 2 weeks, Ryan will off earlier from school 10.30am instead of actual time which is 12pm. And for these 2 weeks is more on orientation process and have not started any lesson yet.

I really hope Ryan will adapt well at this new school ..... Be good boy,my dear Ryan.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gift & Prizes

I did posted before about my winning on "my most creative recipe contest" organized by Mamil Mama Gold Club. Last week , I received the prize " an Evian Facial Spray ".

Thanks Dumex for the prize.

Another mail from Claire.... a Christmas Card with Souvenir from her Korea Trip... very nice key chain...I love it.

Thanks Claire for this lovely gift.

Lastly, I received a pair of flip flops from Beli4u Online Fashion Boutique.

For those who has a facebook account.....do click here for more details on this campaign.
Wish Everyone "HAPPY NEW YEAR"

Thanks Beli4u for this nice flip flops.