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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Our simple lunch : Noodle Soup

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to cook something simple for our lunch. Since only left me and Ryan at home, I decided to cook "noodle soup" (our favo dish) for today lunch.
See what I have in the fridge : carrot, vege + sausages.These are the 3 ingredients I used for the noodle soup. Ryan does not like to eat fishball,so I hardly have any fishball in my fridge,but for sausages...Yes, I always standby at least a pack.
To add more aromatic to the soup, I added in some fried ikan bilis with sliced ginger + minced garlic.

Noodle soup is ready to be served.

While cooking halfway, Ryan kept asking me...is my noodle ready?...is my noodle ready? He is just too hungry and can't wait for his lunch.

Ryan was enjoying his Noodle soup...slurpppppp...

For your info, Ryan was having slight fever out of sudden two days ago,so his appetite was a bit down.
Today Ryan is doing good,of course, after taking "fever + antibiotic". Nowadays I always standby a bottle of antibiotic medicine at home for Ryan.At least, I do not need to rush him down to the paed when tonsilitis + fever is attacking him. Ryan is prone to tonsilitis, be it, I have control his food intake,but on and off, tonsilitis will come to visit him too. I planned to bring him to ENT for a check-up next year.