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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is it.....? Vegetable?

I like to eat this "vegetable"....it is a type of labu, i guess. My MIL tanam this at her backyard and it is the harvesting time. I will cook this "vege" at least twice a week.
Normally, I will just stir-fried with either prawns or sliced garlics. The other day, I added Maggi noodle into this "vege"(of course, I never put in instant noodle seasoning)...and it turned out Good.
I cooked it for lunch and Ryan love it so much. He managed to finish a big plate of the noodle.

Any comment what else I can cook with this "vege" ?...Share with me your recipe..

Monday, July 30, 2012

Lemon Sponge Cake

Last Sunday, after been to Hoover Memorial Park and Jubilee Park,I was in the mood to bake a cake......I bought a pack of sponge cake mix the other day during my grocery shopping. It was pretty simple to make....just add water/milk n melted butter n egg into the sponge mix,beat them well and baked for about 40 mins....... Here it is.....My Lemon Sponge Cake.....

Actually I added some red cherries on top of the cake,but most of them sink to the bottom of the cake....why....? Can anyOne give me some advices on it?

Off to Bukit Aup Jubilee Park

Continue from my previous post,after been to Hoover Memorial Garden, we set off to Bukit Aup Jubilee Park. Ryan requested to feed fishes ... since the rain has stopped and not far away from Hoover Memorial Garden, hubby drove up to Bukit Aup Jubilee Park.
I bought fish food rm2 for Ryan to feed the fishes (mostly small fishes left) and hubby suggested we climbed up to the top hill since Ryan never been there before.
It was my third time climbed up to the hill and it was pretty tiring (coz I long time never exercise).
We can see some nice views of Sibu while we were on the top hill.....took few pictures,then we walked down the hills.
What happened the next day...both me and hubby having leg pains...till now we still facing the pains(due to long time never do exercise).

The best part, we enjoyed our Sunday outing alot and looking forward to this outing again on coming weekend..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off to Rev James M Hoover Memorial Garden

Last weekend, we have our family outing...we brought Ryan to Hoover Memorial Garden for cycling for the very first time. Since last week, Ryan requested to cycling on the road (outside the house),but I rejected his request because it was dangerous. Instead, hubby came out this good idea.

The weather is just nice..windy and no sun. It was our first time been to Hoover Memorial Garden.Ryan was getting excited and could not wait to go cycling. Normally, Ryan only cycling inside the house.But this time, he was cycling in the garden and the road was not that smooth type, he was bit nervous at first...but after a while, he get used to it and he cycled happily around the garden. Too bad, the sky getting dark soon and started to rain,...Ryan was disappointed..I promised to bring him there again during weekend if the weather is permitted.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Colouring competition at school

Last month, Ryan 's school was having colouring competition for all the students (playgroups,pre-K,K1 and K2). I was told by the class teacher to bring our own colouring crayons....After been waiting for a month, at last the result was out from the oven.
Since I don't read Mandarin words, anything in the notice boards(written in Mandarin words only) won't caught my attention. Until the other day, Ryan's classmates mom told me that Ryan 's name was in the winner list on the notice board. ... Yes, Ryan won a prize.

Guess...which one is Ryan's chinese name? Hint : his class name started with "Hua(flower)".

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I don't know ITs name...

Last weekend  (Sunday) was a day for me to rest...meaning I no need to wake up so early. Don't ask me what time I woke up.....(malu to say out).
While cleaning my car porch, I saw this beautiful flowers blossomed. This flower was given by my MIL when I moved to my new house, a year ago.
My MIL bought the seed (look like big onion) from Brastagi wet market, a resort place in Medan during her first time visit to Medan.
Frankly speaking, I am not keen in gardening...so what I am doing everyday is watering this plant and plucking away those dead leaves.

.....too bad these flowers can only last less than a week..don't when it will blossom again.
I don't even know the name of this flower...Who can help me?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ikan Asam Pedas

Last weekend, while doing the spring cleaning in my kitchen, spotted a pack of Maggi Adam Pedas which I won from Maggi Gawai contest last year..Oh no, gonna expire in a month time, so I better fully utilized it before expiring. I used "Mackerel" for this asam pedas.
This paste can be easily found in the supermarket.
It is a simple dish to prepare. Both me and my hubby love this dish. Since Ryan can't take spicy food, this  dish is out for him.

What do you think...? Delicious tak?

Happy Weekend *-*

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I collected yesterday.....

Two days ago, when I reached home after picking up Ryan from school, a piece of PosLaju slip was placed at my gate. Just wondering who sent me Things.....Never mind, yesteday I went to collect it after sending Ryan off to school.

What I have......a big parcel from Unicharm.

1 cartons of MP innovated diaper with Stripes Pad sheet + 4 packs 80pcs Mamypoko baby wipes

Few months back , I played a Facebook game organized by My MamyPoko and I won one of their prize in their Earn Your Stripes Challenge.
Since Ryan is no longer using diapers, no point to keep them at home. Think of selling them off....can earn some quick $$. Not bad oh:)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Banana Muffin

I have some bananas left in my kitchen the other day and think of what should I do with them since they are ripe and we can't finish eating them in a day. Searching for some cake recipes, at last, I got this simple recipe " banana muffin". Since my kitchen has all the ingredients needed...my baking project started soon....
After busying in the kitchen for an hour.....a nice smell come out from the oven........smell good,but how is the taste like. Of course, I hope it taste good too.

Letting them cool before trying it.....Yes, it taste GooD.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Prizes from contest

After trying my luck in several contests in Facebook....I won some small prizes. Not bad..although they are not big prizes, but I am very happy to receive them.

1. Innershine
I could not remember when I joined this contest at facebook. Last month, I received a call telling me that I won a consolation prize from Innershine. At last...they sent me to prize to their Sibu office and I self-collect from their office.

2. Sunsweet Malaysia
Joining their father's day contest  and I won Giant RM50 voucher. Have spent this voucher on Ryan's milk formula since there was a discount last weekend.

3. Jobscentral Malaysia
Joining their Father's day contest and  I won a super teddy bear...very cute bear. I have been aiming for this cute bear long time ago,at last I got it. So happy.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Giveaway to join...

While doing the blog-shopping , I came across this "Birthday Giveaway 2012" that one of my blogger's friend joined, So I wanna try my luck too.

Pretty easy to join....you just need to guess the price of the below items,and you are in the running to win a prize.

And My Guessing price  :  RM30

This giveaway starts from 30 Jun - 10 July 2012 @11.59pm.

Wish myself GOOD LUCK...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Giveaway by Cath-J

While doing blog-hopping this morning, I came across this Interesting Giveaway by one of the blogger Cath-J.

So what is the giveaway prize?.... a gorgeous clutch from Dorothy Perkins.....Very nice 1.

Any of my bloggers' friends wanna join this giveaway.......please click here for more details.

This contest will be ended on 3rd July 2012,midnight.

Wish myself....GOOD LUCK !!!