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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, September 3, 2010

All in One Again...

*Backdated post *

All are some good news for sharing...
I have accumualated all those good news and today I am going to blog about it one by one.

1. A Birthday card from Mamil Mama Gold Club.
A week before my birthday(27Aug), I received a birthday card from Mamil Mama Gold Club.I am definitely not their active member,but then they also have ME in their heart...so glad to receive this birthday card.
Thanks to DUMEX...

2. A Birthday point from Enfamama Club.
On my birthday, I received an SMS from Enfamama Club on my mobile phone that I am entitled for 100
birthday points and to activate the point , I need to call their hotline.
Yes...I got xtra 100 points into my enfa account...will use it to redeem for some
items in future.

3. A gift from Dumex.
I did joined the 'tried and tested tip contest' quite sometimes backs.can't remember when and to my suprise, I won the contest.
I received a parcel from Skynet and when I opened it up,it is "My Little Library",it consisted of 6 little mini books...it definitely another adding to Ryan's book collection.

4. Redemption gift from Drypers.
I received a form from SCA for the redemption of photo album and coinbox few months
ago. I need to have 6 barcodes for this redemption and just nice in my drawer, I have
those 6 barcodes that needed for the redemption..Faster mail out the form and......***at last, I got this gifts sent to me via Skynet courier service.
I also received 2 packs for Drypantz for complimentary...save $$ on diapers.
Thanks SCA for the gifts.

5. My Birthday Celebration (27 aug 2010).
At last, I can have a break for that night...no cooking for me and my husband decided
to bring us for dinner at RH HOTEL.They are having Ramadhan buffet and it is only available during the Ramadhan period.
Since we never tried before..let's go and have a our dinner there.
It was full house and lucky ,we managed to get the last table(just nice*table for 3*)
Then I was walking to see what kind of food they served for this Ramadhan buffet.Most of the tray are empty .. sure all sapu habis by other customers,as I saw some customers was having their fruits when we just arrived. We arrived there around 7pm,still early,but the buffet started at 6pm,so within that one hour, most of the nice food was sapu clean clean. Never mind,the chef was cooking to top up the empty food.
So I took non-spicy food for Ryan and for myself, Of course, I will choose those spicy food like rendang beef,prawn masak merah,ayam pongteh,etc..whatever balance food in the tray, I took some and tried them out.Not bad....I love those spicy food.
I was so hungry and did not took photo of the food.
We was there for almost 2 hours.....I was so full.Only after eating full,I realized that we have not taken any pics,faster grab my camera and snap few pics before we left the Hotel cafe.