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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Something Bad happened ...:(

If you noticed, I have not been blogging for more than a week, not in the mood as something bad has happened. 
The incident happened last Saturday (11Aug), it was a very bad experiences for me and hubby, first time experienced with "G***ster". our bad luck..:(

While we were on the way to MIL's house that day, the traffic was jammed. Since the traffic light was red, we stopped our car and out of sudden I heard a car braked so hard and stopped very close to my car. After a few second, I could feel the "G" bang my car. Then he walked down from his car and hit my car's mirror asking us to drive our car to another side,but it was jammed and no more empty space to move our car. Feeling unhappy, he went to take "kayu" from his car and hit my car's mirror. I believed he was even drunk or took drug at that point of time.
The "G"'s dad agreed to pay for the repair's cost and till now we are still in the midst of processing all documentations for insurance claim. Such a bad day for us !!

This year was a bad year for us....it was the 3 third time bad things happened to our car.