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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Our Day after x'mas

X'mas is over and school is back soon. Next year, Ryan will be at his new school and  we need to go for orientation next week to buy books,uniform,etc.
Next week will be a busy week for me...have to wake up early and back to my normal routine again.

Today I have the mood to cook my own version of "nasi ayam". Since I don't have chicken rice paste to cook the rice, I dished up my own version  for the rice. I added some ginger(smashed) and fried garlic and seasoning to the rice, it tasted not bad.
As for the chicken, I boiled it for 20 mins,then soak in ice cold water,then boiled again for another 10 mins. Pour some sesame oil  over the chicken...that is what we have for dinner tonight.

Ryan has been asking me when is x'mas day....and he really hope to receive a gift from Mr.Santa. To make him happy, I asked him to put a x'mas sock in the living room and left it overnight. And the next day....he saw his favo toy next to his sock...A Happy smile burst our from his face. He is so happy...and we get it fix soon in our bedroom.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our dinner for Tonight

After coming back from Medan, I start my daily routines..doing housechores, cooking, etc...I really miss my sweet moments in Medan (no housechores & cooking at all .....everyday just relax,eat...relax, eat).

Tonight, I dished up a simple meal for 3 of us. I bought some ready pastes (curry paste,sate padang paste, satay paste) from the wet market in Medan and I cooked " satay pork " for our dinner.
I also dished up "chap chai" and seaweed soup for Ryan.
Since it is a rainy day, we just stay at home after dinner. That 's how we spent our Saturday night.....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our best time in Medan

Last month, we went back to Medan for almost a month (from 11Nov-9Dec 2012). Ryan was so happy and the first thing strike his mind after we reached Medan was going to TimeZone at Sun Plaza to play arcade games. I believe most kids like to play game in arcade and Ryan was hooked to car racing game.However, I restricted him only to play less than 3x per visit ... or else, I will have to spent lot of $$ on his arcade game.

Ryan was playing his car racing game @Chimmon (Cambridge)

Ryan was playing Lego @Cambridge with his cousin YiXin

X'mas decoration @Cambridge

Our usual hang out places in Medan are either Sun Plaza or Cambridge.For me, I prefer to go Sun Plaza, at least more shops around and have more things to see and eat. As for Cambridge, normally I will only go there for the Haagen - Dazs ice cream , have my family dinner at the Grand Duck King Restaurant or let Ryan play at the Chimmon (of course, Ryan will play with his car racing game again...).
Haagen-Dazs @Cambridge

The Grand Duck King Restaurant @ Cambridge

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My All-Time Favourite Noodle

Since I was young, I love to eat Indomie Instant Noodle.I should say...during my primary school time, everytime after school....I sure will ask for a bowl of Instant Noodle from my mom ..it lasted for few years till one day, I feel "bored" of it, I stopped eating instant noodle for a few years then.
But now, .... everytime when I feel hungry and nothing else to eat.....instant noodle will come to rescue me.
Indomie has been one of my favourite instant noodle, last time they don't have much variety,but nowadays, this company has made so many varieties of instant noodle in the market.
On my recent trip back to Medan, I spotted this " Fried Curly Noodle with corned beef" while doing my grocery shopping at local supermarket. Grab a few packs and gave it a try the next day.
Taste so good....even my hubby love it so much. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

X'Mas giveaway 2012 - by Yvonne

I love to join any contest giveaway....and I came across this x'mas giveaway by one of the blogger named Yvonne.

There will be 3 Christmas boxes up for grabs and each Christmas box is worth S$50 to S$100 or evenmore Items ! in the Christmas boxes consist of cosmetics/skin care/beauty/health supplements.

The best part this giveaway is open International and it ends on 26th Dec 2012 @12am.

Let's join this giveaway....and you may have chance to win a suprise x'mas pressie for yourself...

Good Luck.....

X'Mas giveaway @ Name Sherry

I was doing  a blog hopping and came across this x'mas giveaway from this blog name Sherry.

Here is the detail for all the prizes.....so interesting,right?

1st Prize
Kiss Me top from Kissmi
preloved Stage nail colour 12 Astounding from Sherry Rambling
Pink Hello Kitty shoes stud from isherrygo
Blue bracelet from iluvcontest
ettusois BB mineral cream SPF30. PA++ from what every gal want
2nd Prize
Cute top from my mom's best
preloved Blue nail polish from sherry shopping
Blue Hello Kitty shoes stud from name sherry
Pink bracelet from Jewelry By S
3rd Prize
Angel Hello Kitty shoes stud from Love and Thoughts
Bracelet from Another Contest
Preloved Blue nail polish from lurvevertyhing.com
4th Prize
Orange bracelet from who luv cosmetics
Preloved orange Bloop nail polish from TH Corner
Hello Kitty shoes stud from My Kid Shopping
5th Prize
Red Hello Kitty shoes stud from Also Mommy
Brown bracelet from Wishing Her
Preloved Stage nail colour 18 Drama from wan 2 swap

 For your information,this x'mas giveaway is open for INTERNATIONAL and it ends on 24th Dec 2012 @12midnight Msia Time.

 Feel like joining...hurry up......,click on to this link for more details.

Hubby's birthday

*I supposed to make this post yesterday,but due to the internet line was done..I have to postpone till tonight*

Yesterday was a special day....12-12-12 and it was my hubby's birthday. I bought him a birthday cake and cooked some simple dishes for our dinner. As part of traditional practice, chicken soup meesuah is a must for celebrating birthday.

Ryan was the "happiest boy" when I told him we were getting a birthday cake for daddy. Ryan loved to eat cakes.
After dinner, Ryan waited anxiously for the birthday cake to come...since we were still quite full, I decided to have the cake cutting session around 8.30pm.
Ryan and I sang a birthday song together followed by photo taking session....A very simple celebration!!