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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, June 29, 2012

And the result....

At last..last Wednesday I received Ryan's report book...very satisfied with his result. Ryan got 1st in his class and he received a small pressie from his class teacher.

Yesterday,after having lunch, my MIL brought Ryan to FarLey to see toys. MIL also get a pressie for Ryan,a set of racing track (forget to snap the pix). Ryan was so happy.

Keep it up, Ryan !!! *-*

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

After been waiting for a month...

Ryan was supposed to receive his report book for his mid-term exam before school holiday. Due to his class teacher was on confinement leave at that point of time, i was dragged till now...and tomorrow is the DAY.
For the exam results, I received them before the school holiday and Ryan scored a good mark except for Maths and Mandarin (90++).

I believe every parents will get kan-cheong on their kids' performance at school and so do I. I did not put much pressure on Ryan. Of course, whatever the teacher has taught at school, he must understand and know how to read and write. Practices is done at home every night except Sunday is his off-day.

I would say....the syllabus was getting tougher and tougher especially for Mandarin. I myself give up in teaching him the Mandarin subject. Being a "banana",it is difficult for me to remember those strokes...Today I learnt, tomorrow I lupa...., So I pass this job to my hubby. He will be Ryan's tuition teacher at home.

Can't wait for tomorrow......

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

*backdated post*

At last, I have free time to blog about my holiday trip to Jurong Bird Park,Singapore. After having our breakfast,here we were at Jurong Bird Park. Ryan was very excited..he could not wait to see those birds flying here and there and the birds performing some shows.
Since we planned to go to Jurong Bird Park + Zoo, hubby opted for 2 in 1 Park Hoppers Special promo tickets. I would say,those tickets are not cheap at all,but it was worthy to spend on it esp for the kids' knowledge.
After getting the tickets, we started to explore our walk-plan. Since we arrived there early, we managed to catch 2 shows : Kings of the Skies + Birds n Buddies Show.



As we walked around, we spotted different types of birds ..... have a quick look at those pictures...

For the special Programmes,of course, additional charges are applicable for adult and child at different rates.
Since it was also school holiday in Singapore, we spotted a big group of children from different schools in Singapore engaging fun activities at the Bird Park. So fun....!!

While walking around, we spotted a nice waterfall...we stopped by to snap a pix.

 Here is the mini playground inside the Jurong Bird Park...Ryan was having fun playing with the slide...

 Here is the last stop we dropped by : Penguin Coast

Although we all felt tired walking around the Jurong Bird Park.....but we  felt happy esp our little boy Ryan.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gift n Prize

Due to the poor internet connection, I have been away from blogging for the past few days...now I am back.
Last week, I received a few prizes (I won from FaceBook) and  a gift from one of my FB's friend.
 I love to join contest,but so far, I never win any big prize yet. All the prize I kena...small small one.

1. Gift from one of my FB's friend (Yanie)...
It is so kind of her to share one of the Cuti-Cuti 1 Malaysia soft toy with me. I understand she has won lot of this soft toys,therefore, she sent one to me last week. Thanks lot Yanie.

2. Nestle Mom & Me Maternal Milk
Being the first 500 participants in Mom & Me Celebration of Life Contest, I received a free 350g pack of Nestle Mom & Me Maternal Milk. Since I am not preggie  and never plan for the second one, I pass this milk to Ryan's friend mom (She is preggie at this moment).

3. John Carter prize
I can't remember when I joined this contest.Last week,out of sudden, I received a parcel from a courier company and when I opened the parcel...here it is :
Limited edition John Carter T-shirt, John Carter watch and John Carter keychain.

Thanks Buena Vista Columbia TriStar Films(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd for sending me this special prize.

 4. Kit Kat Mug
I joined Kit Kat Malaysia facebook contest last few weeks and at last....after few tries, I won the limited edition "KitKat Mug". Thanks lot Kit Kat !!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A visit to Marina Bay Sands

 During our visit to Singapore on 31 May 2012, we stopped by Marina Bay Sands  at night after walking around Orchard Road in the day time.
It was our first time to Marina Bay Sands, we took the train from Somerset MRT and stopped at BayFront MRT. Pretty convenience..with MRT service at every corner in Singapore, we can travel freely from east to west to north to south.

It was a big shopping mall and lots of branded good shop at this mall.

Since it was dinner time, we quickly have our simple dinner. We did not aim for the restaurant,very pricey. So we just opted for food court and we were having hard time finding the food court...I tried to find the information counter,but not avail. After walking around for 20 mins....at last, my eyes caught this grand foodcourt "Rasapura Masters". This foodcourt offered variety of foods from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and China.

 For Ryan, he  opted for noodles, so  I order "Kolo Mee" for him. Sorry no pic for the Kolo Mee...ryan was too hungry and I forgot to capture the pix.
As for me and hubby, we ordered Mee Siam and Mee Rebus,....taste delicious and bit spicy....Good!!!
Mee Siam
Mee Rebus

Rasapura Master Foodcourt
Skating rink

But I would say, the food there were pricey. Most of the food cost SG$7 above (without drinks).
Next to the foodcourt is a skating rink...quite big space and lot of peoples are playing ice skating.

We did not go to the Sands SkyPark,it was not cheap either...From there, you can view a spectacular views of Singapore. For detailsof Sands SkyPark, hop here.

Another entertainment is Sampan Rides  along the canal at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Ticket price : SG$10 per person (Kids and Adults).

 At first, our intention to Marina Bay Sands was to watch "WonderFull", Southeast Asia's largest light and water show,but we just could not find the way to the exact location and we have run out of time. Here is the show detail:
Wonder Full is shown nightly, weather permitting. Duration is 15 minutes.
8pm, 9:30pm
Friday, Saturday:
8pm, 9:30pm, 11pm  

Then we walked out from the mall... The NightView of Singapore....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Orchard Road, Singapore

It has been 3 years we never been to Singapore...at last on 31 May 2012, we landed in Singapore..the feeling was great. Alot of changes happened in Singapore. The first that I came across is the MRT station. Previously there was "no gate" next to the mrt track,but now, there was "gate" next to the MRT track,I believed it was for security purposes. and the Train was getting packed and packed each day.
The second changes was some of the bus interchanged are full-aircon now......so good....

On our first day, we stopped by Orchard Road....one of the most hottest tourist spot,shopping paradise. But we went there not for shopping, we brought Ryan to Mt.Elizabeth for ENT check-up. I have fixed an appoinment with Dr.LukeTan few months back. Everything was fine....but Ryan has to continue use nasal spray for his sensitive nose and ear drop for his ear wax (super hard).
When come to payment time.....not cheap at all.....You guys  make a guess how much for the 15 mins consultation???
 It cost...SG$350++ for the total bill.

Our next stop is walking to Takashimaya for window shopping, we also stopped by "Yoshinoya" for lunch. Both me and hubby love eating at "Yoshinoya" , it used to be our hang-out place when we were working in Singapore last time.

Teriyaki chicken rice

Spicy Sauce chicken
Beef rice

 After having lunch, we walked to the toys section @ Takashimaya....wow...so many toys and Ryan was so happy ....toys paradise for him!!

Add caption

While walking down the escalator, I spotted Esprit was having a great sales....this was my next stop.....and managed to bought 1 jeans + 2 shirts. While doing my shopping, Ryan and his daddy waited at Fountain water @Takashimaya watching Tom & Jerry.

Then we went to Kinokuniya, one of the biggest book store in Singapore.You can spotted all kind of books there .. fyi,if you are looking for Japanese books,must dropby this bookstore.

Walking down from Kinokuniya, I spotted this Candy Shop name "Candylicious"...very big shop and selling all kind of candies.Just snapped few picture before we headed to next spot.

 We just walked along the Orchard Road......stay tuned for next post "Marina Bay Sands"