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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Outdoor Lighting

Our new house is almost come to completion stage and now it is time to do some renovation works for the house . For the kitchen and furniture, it has been arranged ,the only thing we are looking for is the lightings for both indoor and outdoor.It is not an easy task to look for lights as there are many different types and we have to set our budgets on anything we are going to spend on our new house.
Choosing the right Outdoor wall lights will create an elegant atmosphere with warmth,thus give an elegant look and improve my modern home exterior. When our guests come and pay a visit,outdoor wall lighting will be the first key impression.
To make it looks perfect,we can opt for installing outdoor wall scones or exterior motion sensor & security lights.
I would say,nowadays the lights design are pretty nice and after been looking for so many different types, I still can't decide which one should I buy for the outdoor wall scones. Some of them have a very unique design which I like,but the price is slightly higher than my budget.
Due to high crime rates, I might need exterior motion sensor and security lights for my new house. At least I will need two sets for the whole house,for the front and back of the house.
Their designs are much more simple and the price is pretty reasonable too.

RDS Medical

Chinese New Year is still going on and during our reunion dinner, I got the chance to meet all my cousins and we are having a good chat for all night. One of my cousin has just graduated from university and he is very lucky to get a good pay job in pharmacy industry.
He highlighted to me about RDS Medical Compound pharmacy. It is a company providing full-service specialized in Customizable Steroid Injections, Bio Identical Hormones and Anti-Aging Medicine for Men and Women.
Since I am not in this industry , I am wondering what is compounding pharmacies? I am glad that my cousin has given me brief explanation that compounding pharmacy will mix drugs/hormons based on each patient's requirement. They can also tranform the medicine from pill to liquid.
It is definitely a very good additional knowledge that I learnt from my cousin that night.