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Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Hate IT...

Really not sure why I easily fall sick recently. Almost every month I will get minor sickness and most of the time is Flu.
Lastnight, before going to bed, I sneezed a few times,then I went to sleep without any medication.
This morning, I felt my throat is pain & bit of blocked nose. OMG....the flu bug is attacking me again. I HATE IT ...
I prayed hard I fast fast recover,don't spread the germs to my boy Ryan. I have been taking the medicine I got it from doctor last month when I was down with flu & sore throat too.
Now feel slightly better,but on & off I feel bit headache. I also drink ginger water,home remedy that I found online which works for me previously.

Wish myself have a speedy recovery as I need to takecare of Ryan full time.Lucky tomorrow is Sunday, so hubby can help me up in taking care Ryan.

Wish everyone " have a nice weekend ".

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Break for 2 months..

You guys might be wondering.....who is going to have a break for 2 months?
Yes...it is Ryan, my dear son. He will stop schooling for the next 2 months.
Since last Sunday, Ryan started developing mild fever after waking up from his nap.
On Monday, he looks 'ok',therefore I sent him for halfday nursery.
On Monday night, his situation getting worse, fever came back again,started to have cough & flu.
Therefore, no school for Ryan for the next few days. At last,both me & hubby came to a decision to stop Ryan from school. We noticed that Ryan falls sick every month since he started schooling. Have giving him vitamin C supplement,but no helps too.

Within these 2 months, Ryan will have a good rest at home to built up his immune system.Of course, I will teach him some educational stuffs during his 2 months break at home. Frankly speaking, I feel more tired now as I have to takecare of Ryan full day 24/7,whilst for the past few months, I only need to takecare of Ryan from afternoon onwards(after he came back from school).

Both me & hubby pray hard that Ryan will get well soon & stay healthy always!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ryan @ 3 yrs 3 mths old...

Time definitely flies very fast..Ryan is reaching his 3 yrs 3 mths old yesterday.
It has been quite sometimes I did not update his milestones.

*Ryan has attended half day nursery for 3 mths started in Feb 2010. So far, he is doing well in school,only don't like to eat the food provided by the school. So I will prepare some light snack for his breakfast & get ready lunch for him everyday.
*Very khepoh nowadays...speak in English & Mandarin. Will teach him a bit of Hokkien too ,or else when he is goin back to Medan,wil have a difficulty to communicate with my mum.
*Can sing lot of songs. Taught by his school teacher & Mummy.
*Can recognise a-z,1-10.
*Like to watch Ultraman & Transformer cartoon.
*Love to read story books.
*Like to play stickers...stick here N there.
*Still like to eat green vege,but not meat.
*Drink plenty of plain water.
*No more crying while going for haircut & doctor.

Happy 39mths old 2 Ryan !!!