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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday Pressie

Suddenly I remember that I am yet to upload Ryan's birthday pressie from my blogger's friend (Joanne T and Nicole) & from my family members & from SCA.
Thanks lot for the pressie!!

My Singapore Trip - Dec'08

Posing in front of Sport Car @ RafflesCity Shopping Ctr

Posing @ Olympus Office
Posing @Chinatown

All these pictures were taken during our Dec'08 trip to Singapore. Plan to go Singapore again when the Universal Studio theme park is ready .Universal Studio Singapore is expected to be completed and open by early 2010.

Singapore Trip @ Sg Flyer

Backdated Post : 9 Dec '08

This is our 1st time been to Singapore Flyer. We choose to go there during night time as we believed the night view is THE BEST. Singapore Flyer offers a breathtaking panorama of the shimmering Marina Bay waterfront and historical landmarks dotting the city skyline.
The whole trip took about 45 mins, we can feel bit shaking when it turn to the top,we can see the Singapore night view so well and that is amazing. Never miss it out this place for all of you who is going to Singapore for holiday.

9 great reasons to visit Singapore's most iconic attraction – Singapore Flyer.
It’s the world’s largest observation wheel.

Standing at stunning 165m, the Flyer is the height of a 42-storey building – that’s some 30 metres taller than the famed London Eye. Taking a flight on this S$240 million dollar wheel is a one-of-a-kind experience you wouldn’t want to miss.
It’s the only place to see Singapore’s magnificent cityscape.

As the wheel turns, you’ll be treated to a visual 360° feast of iconic and historical landmarks and views from the Marina Bay to the Singapore River, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place and the Padang. There is no other place in Singapore that offers these breathtaking, panoramic views.
You’ll get to feast on famous local dishes.

Seafood Paradise @ Flyer, a popular restaurant among locals, serves up signature local dishes such as chilli crab, butter crab, cereal prawns and drunken prawns. Enjoy these authentic local dishes alongside innovative culinary creations by our local chefs.
You’ll get a taste of our gourmet capital.

If local food isn’t the fare for you, dine at any of the restaurants at the Flyer. The selection – from Indian fusion to Japanese delicacies and Italian epicurean – gives you a taste of why Singapore is the gourmet capital of Asia.
You’ll get to indulge in Singapore’s national pastime.

Food may be our nation’s passion, but it’s shopping that’s our national pastime. At the Flyer, you’ll be able to indulge a little in yourself. Jewellery, luxury watches, exquisitely handmade Japanese accessories and more await the avid shopper.
You’ll experience urban nature.

Right in the centre of the atrium is a lush, tropical rainforest. The cascading water displays, streams, rocky outcrops and pond fuse together naturally to offer a picturesque landscape for photo taking.
You’ll be able to fly – “for real”.

If being 165m above ground level in a capsule exhilarates you, fly like a real pilot in a flight simulator that has all the gadgets and gizmos found in real commercial airliners. The simulator isn't a toy, it's been approved by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority for pilot training.
Your toes will be tickled by fishes.

On Level 2 is a fish foot spa - that’s right – it’s a spa where Doctor Fishes (“Garra Rufa”) work their magic on your feet. These fish, imported from Turkey, have healing properties and will give you a pedicure you won’t forget.
Your kids will have splashing wet fun.

Rest in the shade of the Greek Theatre located next to Singapore Flyer while your children frolic about our interactive water fountain. They'll have a blast with dancing water jets, shooting water cannons and water sprays at our cheery and colourful aqua playground.