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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Diaperless during nap time

Today is marked as the 3rd day Ryan is diaperless during nap time.I have trained Ryan to wash his both hands and leg before his nap,so this time his routine adds 1 more work :pee before nap.Everything is done well, no pee on mattress during his nap. Once he wake up frm his nap, straightly get his potty to pee.(of course, it is alot after tahan for 2 hrs).Ryan likes to drink water,everyday before his nap, he will drink 1 bottle of water,sometimes even request for more.I am glad that he likes to drink water esp weather is so hot.
I really hope Ryan will be success being out from diaper during nap time.Once the nap time is DONE, then I will plan for the next target,diaperless during night time(maybe still long way to go).

Apple+Corn porridge

I read from some blogger's mummies blog that they are using apple to cook porridge,so let's me give a try to Ryan. This morning I cooked apple+corn+chicken meat porridge for Ryan. I have some leftover corn in the fridge,put some into the porridge to add the sweetness. The porridge looks delicious and now wait for Ryan to try it out. Hope he will like it.