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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, January 8, 2010

** Little updates.....on me & Ryan **

Both me and Ryan falls sick at the same time.Ryan started to get cough & runny nose last Sunday while I 'm getting the cough bug last Wed. So now only daddy that stay healthy in between 3 of us.
I guess both me and Ryan got tired from our KL trip.As for me, I knew my immune system is getting weaker as my age is catching up.(need more Vitamin)...
As of today,both me and Ryan feel better.
Daddy has been spending almost RM200 on Ryan's medication,whilst for me, I just get Obat Batuk from Pharmacy,hope it works for me (or else daddy's wallet will be in a Big Hole***).
If everything is fine, Ryan will start his nursery class next Monday(11 Jan 2010).

Adding to my post, 3 more weeks later exactly on 1 Feb'2010 Ryan will be 3 Years Old.
Still no plan yet for Ryan b'day celebration,probably just simple dinner with cake cutting.
This is also the 1st time Ryan celebrating his b'day @ Sibu,all the while he celebrated his b'day in Medan(my hometown)