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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming Back again...

I am coming back ...I have not been updating my blog for the past 10 days.
Everynight when I sit in front of my laptop, for sure, I will login to Facebook and MyLot,no time to touch my blog.
But tonight I decided to update my blog with some outdated posts.

1. UK Fun Fair
This is not the first time having UK fun fair at Sibu,I been there once before I give birth to Ryan,Nothing special!!
This time, me and hubby brought Ryan to fun fair for the first time.Ryan was so happy when I told her that tonight daddy will bring him to funfair.He can't wait to go there and enjoy himself.
We went there during weekday,sorry I can't remember on which date I went there.
It is not crowded and as I expected,the fun fair is lousy.Nothing special.We spent RM30 on te fun fair.Entrance fee only cost RM4 (for 2 adults & Ryan is FOC).I tried to play some game,but won nothing.
Ryan took the train ride,drum spinning and Super Wheel.He need an accompany for all the rides.

Few pictures taken at Fun Fair for sharing :

2. Small gift from Dumex
I do subscribe to Parenthood magazine and last month I saw this message to join the Dumex Club and will get a soft & warm toddler blanket.
Last week, I received the blanket,it is very soft fabric ,but the size of the blanket is too small for Ryan.
So I just keep in nicely inside the cabinet.I guess this blanket will be un-useable forever as I don't intend for have the second one.

3. Blowing Hair
Ryan used to scare of hair dryer.Everytime when he saw me or hubby is using the hair dryer,he will quickly run out from the room.
Lately,he show an interest to try on the hair dryer and he is no longer scared of it.
He even want to blow dry his hair by himself.

To make him happy and satisfied ,I let him blow his hair for awhile and I quickly grabbed my camera for snapping some pictures.