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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Car Repair

Since I moved back to Sibu after getting married, I determined to learn driving.Or else, my life will feel miserable if I were to depend on my husband to drive me out all the time.
Okie...let's get myself register to the driving school and it was not easy like my hometown, Indonesia whereby there is no need to attend the exam at all in order to get a driving license .
Oh Gosh ***... I need to attend theory and practical course in order to obtain my Malaysia driving license. Leceh ... and I took 3 weeks to complete the practical course, sat for both the exam and I passed !!
HORRAY...HORRAY.... It meant I can drive on the road.Bit nervous when I first drove on the road,however, I managed to run out from the fear and now....I can drive smoothly on the road everyday without any fear.

I started to drive my husband's car in and out everyday... and I enjoy driving very much. Getting a new car is pretty easy,When coming to the maintenance , it costs lot of money especially when we found out something wrong with the car. Need to go for repair and change a new spareparts...NOT CHEAP!!
I am browsing through some online website for car repair and come across Houston Auto Repair. It is an amazing website which provide a complete details of some repair shops and mechanics in Houston (for those staying in Houston, this information may be needed).

Lately, my husband discovered our car seem have bit problem. Probably, it is time for oil change and some brake job to be carried out. We plan to send our car for maintenance service this weekend.

We do plan of getting a new car since both me and my husband are driving now.It is much more convenience to have two cars at home, in case, one car is broke down, we do have another car for spare used. How about this car Acura TL brand ? Anyone can give some comments on this car brand? For your info,the Acura TL is a mid-size luxury car from Honda's Acura brand.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival

*This is a backdated post*

Mid Autumn Celebration was fall on 22 Sept 2010. As usual, we will have simple celebration at home. MIL was doing the cooking and I did help her up in the kitchen preparing the dishes.
She cooked lot of dishes and the whole dining table was full of food. Too bad , I forgot to snap the picture of the food.
Let's me recall back what food we were having on that day : siomay,corn soup,stir fried brocoli with mushroom,stew pork with Mantow,fried bread stuffed pork,fried noodle,fried kwetiaw.
With only 4 adults and 1 kid, we did not manage to finish up all the dishes. We have a wonderful dinner on that day.

After dinner, we went to Town Area to see the lantern festival.It was pretty crowded,but
nothing much to see.Only few lanterns with some lighting.
When I saw those lantern, I miss the Singapore Lantern Festival at Chinese Garden.
When I was in Singapore , I always been to the Lantern Festival every year and the lanterns were great with different cartoon character, I hope one day I will visit Singapore again for the lantern festival.

Some of the pictures taken in town area :

* Day View*

*Night View*

Lastly, this is Ryan's picture with his Doraemon Lantern(from MIL) and his own-made lantern(from school).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Some Updates on Ryan..

As per my last post, I do hope Ryan will attend his school early
Mooncake celebration,but at last he has to feel dissapointed as he did not manage to attent it as he still feel unwell on that day.
After seeing doctor for the very first time and taking Antibiotik, Ryan did not
show any improvement, fever kept coming back...no choice, has to visit doctot for second time. This round, doctor suggested for an injection as Ryan's throat is pretty bad infected. Okie...since this is the best choice, I agreed to it.
I was so glad that his condition showed slight improvement after the first injection(or else Ryan will end up in the Hospital again) and yesterday, Ryan has to go back for second injection again.
As off today, Ryan's fever has subsided ,but I still let him rest for one day at home.
I plan to let him go to school tomorrow. And tomorrow night, Ryan still need to go to doctor for another check-up.

I really hope Ryan will fully recovered soon.
*This is the second bad experience for me of Ryan getting high fever*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Sick Boy

Yesterday afternoon (15/9/2010) Ryan developed slight fever before he goes for his nap. Since it is around 37.2, I did not give him the fever medicine and would like to monitor his condition. Before 4 pm, he woke up and I knew his fever must be shoot up which caused him feel uncomfortable to nap (normally Ryan will take at least 2-3 hours nap everyday). Faster feed him Fever medicine and within an hour,his fever subsided.He still looked active and we still went to town area to see Lanterns and took some pictures.
During dinner, he ate as normal,slowly his fever came back again. Since it has over the first 4 hours from the first medicine,gave him another dose of fever medicine. But I noticed his fever did not subsided totally,still maintain slight fever.
In the midnight, hubby woke me up because Ryan 's temperature has raised up, OMG... it was around 38.2,fed him another dose of fever medicine.I did not sleep well that whole night, I woke up every hour to check on Ryan's condition. It seem not getting better,around 5am, I gave him suppository(the last resort- although I knew Ryan hate it...no choice).Finally one hour later, his body started to sweat and his fever has gone.He managed to get a good sleep till 8.30am.
He got active back again this morning, as usual,drank his milk,watched cartoon.
When came to breakfast time, I actually cooked porridge for him,but he refused to eat,instead I gave him a slice of bread and he only could finish 3/4.I guess Ryan must have a throat infection again which caused him uncomfortable to swallow solid food.
I decided to bring him to Dr.Law for medical assistance.Lucky Dr.Law's clinic is opened for half day today and before went to Dr.Law, I feed Ryan another dose of fever medicine as his fever started to come back again.
After checking by doctor...BINGO....throat infection which caused Ryan to have fever.
Tillnow, his fever still up and down,not fully recover.
Hope by tomorrow, Ryan will get better since there will be an early mooncake celebration at school this saturday and I do hope Ryan will have chance to join this celebration.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Breakfast

I am always having bread with kaya or jam,Pau,Mantao,or porridge for my breakfast.

After my hubby went to work, I started my project in the kitchen.
I opened up my cabinet...oh, just nice a can of luncheon meat and few slices of white bread.
Then opened my fridge, I have a KRAFT Cheese,carrot and some butter.
My brain started to think what to cook for my breakfast today.....*think think think*, got an idea,let's try make my "OWN RECIPE", not sure what is the title for my recipe.
I will think later as my stomach started to make noise.

Faster get out the steamer ,sliced the luncheon meat thinly and let it steeam for 10 minutes.
Once it is done, sprinkle few slices of thinly cut cheese on top of a bread,placed the luncheon meat and some sliced carrots,then top it with some cheese again and place another slice of bed..it looks like a sandwiches now.Apply some butter on both side of the breads.

I have not been eating toasted bread for very long time and my toaster has been in the store room for quite some time.It is time to make use of it.

I placed the sandwiches into the toaster.Toasted it for 3 minutes...smell not bad.
3 minutes is done,opened up the toaster,pour bit of honey on top of the sandwiches and toast for another 1 minute.

......... Ting Ting......... A ring from my toaster.


My sandwiches is ready to be served.Taste good....Cheesy and I love the honey mixed with butter taste.
Tomorrow I will be making this sandwiches again for my hubby to try out.

While eating, I kept thinking what should I name this recipe...
How about "Honey Cheesy Sandwiches"? Does it sound good.....?

Friday, September 3, 2010

All in One Again...

*Backdated post *

All are some good news for sharing...
I have accumualated all those good news and today I am going to blog about it one by one.

1. A Birthday card from Mamil Mama Gold Club.
A week before my birthday(27Aug), I received a birthday card from Mamil Mama Gold Club.I am definitely not their active member,but then they also have ME in their heart...so glad to receive this birthday card.
Thanks to DUMEX...

2. A Birthday point from Enfamama Club.
On my birthday, I received an SMS from Enfamama Club on my mobile phone that I am entitled for 100
birthday points and to activate the point , I need to call their hotline.
Yes...I got xtra 100 points into my enfa account...will use it to redeem for some
items in future.

3. A gift from Dumex.
I did joined the 'tried and tested tip contest' quite sometimes backs.can't remember when and to my suprise, I won the contest.
I received a parcel from Skynet and when I opened it up,it is "My Little Library",it consisted of 6 little mini books...it definitely another adding to Ryan's book collection.

4. Redemption gift from Drypers.
I received a form from SCA for the redemption of photo album and coinbox few months
ago. I need to have 6 barcodes for this redemption and just nice in my drawer, I have
those 6 barcodes that needed for the redemption..Faster mail out the form and......***at last, I got this gifts sent to me via Skynet courier service.
I also received 2 packs for Drypantz for complimentary...save $$ on diapers.
Thanks SCA for the gifts.

5. My Birthday Celebration (27 aug 2010).
At last, I can have a break for that night...no cooking for me and my husband decided
to bring us for dinner at RH HOTEL.They are having Ramadhan buffet and it is only available during the Ramadhan period.
Since we never tried before..let's go and have a our dinner there.
It was full house and lucky ,we managed to get the last table(just nice*table for 3*)
Then I was walking to see what kind of food they served for this Ramadhan buffet.Most of the tray are empty .. sure all sapu habis by other customers,as I saw some customers was having their fruits when we just arrived. We arrived there around 7pm,still early,but the buffet started at 6pm,so within that one hour, most of the nice food was sapu clean clean. Never mind,the chef was cooking to top up the empty food.
So I took non-spicy food for Ryan and for myself, Of course, I will choose those spicy food like rendang beef,prawn masak merah,ayam pongteh,etc..whatever balance food in the tray, I took some and tried them out.Not bad....I love those spicy food.
I was so hungry and did not took photo of the food.
We was there for almost 2 hours.....I was so full.Only after eating full,I realized that we have not taken any pics,faster grab my camera and snap few pics before we left the Hotel cafe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

** Wear a HAT **

I love to see my son Ryan putting on a hat...he just looks cute on it and he has few hats, all are a present from my mum since he was born.Since he has grown up now , it is time to get him a new hat as the size of his head has grown bigger .
I have been looking for some children hats at my town here,but seem can't find any nice one and I don't like those designs,not my taste...or maybe I have too high expectation...I guess so !!

When I was busy google for some nice hats online,I came across this Winter Hats Boutique.
They have largest selection of high quality winter hats at the best possible prices. For those who stay in USA and Canada, they will entitle for free shipping.
Such a good customer service...

Winterhats boutique has wide varieties from Woman's winterhats,Men's winterhats and even kids winterhats.
I love this "Herringbone Driver",the design looks simple and nice.

Not to forget, I also google for some of its Woman hats collection.Among its Womens Winter Hats collection, I am falling in love with this "Womens Wool Felted Hat".

Does it looks nice??.....Yes,I definitely love this hat design.(**hope my husband will read this post & give me a suprise gift**)