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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh....Oh......Where am I ???

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Every night, I will play around with this laundry basket .. push push push here & there, from living room to dining room and then back to the living room. I just feel happy playing with it. There is a night while both me & hubby were watching TV in the living room....Ryan came to us with the laundry basket and demanded his daddy to put him in to the laundry basket. Ok.....so he was in and followed us happily watching tv too. Not to miss the chance, I faster went upstair grab the camera and snapped few pictures of it as a memories.
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After standing inside the laundry for about 5mins, Ryan started to make noises.....He seem getting bored already...wanna to come out. He tried to lift up his leg to climb out from the basket...of course, he could not do it.So Daddy helped to carry him out from the basket. Wouh....at last I'm released, a 'free man' , can run here and there in the living room.
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